So ladies, welcome to 2018. It’s time for my first rant of the year!
I was ready to have a good old rant about a particular topic – and then today something along the same lines, but MUCH more ‘rantable’ was mentioned in the news!
Deep breath. Let me begin…
First of all, I had my knickers in a twist because with a New Year, often comes a Resolution to ‘go on a diet’. Many people, women in particular, have a target to lose weight, pretty much all the time, but we often make grand gestures to really focus on this come every January. And frequently, this is addressed by choosing to join a slimming group, or to follow a particular diet.
I hate this. Simply hate it. For many many many reasons.
Let me TRY and be concise (that’s hard for me to do with this topic!)
The simple truth is: It rarely works in the long-term. And worse still, often leads to a life of calorie counting, restrictive food choices, guilt, shame, food paranoia, feelings of unease (or even worse – avoidance) of social gatherings and celebrations, and a roller-coaster of emotions as you most likely enter a life of yo-yo dieting with very little long-term success in the initial goal of hitting that ‘target weight’….. whatever that is!?!?
I am passionate about breaking this horrendous, torturous cycle of dieting and self-abuse. So, you can just imagine my utter delight (enormous dollop of sarcasm there by the way!) when I heard the news today.
A new recommendation for children to reduce their sugar intake.
That’s great! But that’s where the advice should have stopped.
But nooooo, it was followed up with ‘only 2 snacks a day to be no more than 100 calories each’.
Are you ACTUALLY SERIOUS!?! Really?
So now, we are encouraging children to COUNT CALORIES!
Flippin’ CHILDREN!?!
And in doing so, we are reinforcing calorie counting to the large population of mums who are already tortured and controlled with this in their own lives.
I’m amazed.
Are we really supposed to encourage children, from a young age, to be controlled by a number of calories, leading to a number on scales, by the guilt, panic and self-abuse if we go over that number, and to add to the confusion of food choices, and disconnect from the general education of real food?
Is this really the best advice for kids?
How about we give children, of all ages, (and their parents!) the advice that too much sugar is bad for them, and healthy food choices are those of REAL foods, and typical man-made junk food snacks can be replaced by a range of these healthier options that THEY CAN CHOOSE for themselves, carefree with no panic or guilt, and in complete disregard of calorie intake.
How about we educate them about food and how the body works, and help them connect with understanding their own hunger and energy needs, and how to satisfy that as it changes on a daily basis and throughout their developing years, (work your calorie counting in to that for kids! 🙄).
Because I bet kids growing up choosing portions of hummus and veg sticks, peanut butter on toast, or even possibly avocado and eggs (we can hope, can’t we!) that may possibly be over the magical number of 100 calories, will be much healthier and happier, than those kids we programme to read every packet and count every calorie to build in that guilt and shame and control of food from an early age!
Deep breath. Just my (strong) thoughts on the matter…..
I will reel it in now, or I shall wear the keys down to dust frantically typing on this topic. I think you get my point. So I shall leave it there and bow out gracefully.
(shakes fist and tuts loudly) 😠