A few days ago, I attended TWO, very different ‘Health’ events on the same day. The outcome truly shocked me.

Light bulbs went on above my head, and the persistent anxiety in my belly dwindled away to nothing.

For some time now, I have been unhappy. Unhappy with work. Not with what I do, or the AMAZING people that I teach and welcome in to the Tribe every week, but unhappy about HOW modern day businesses (especially fitness companies) are expected to operate and present themselves. Unhappy with the direction things were going and the pressures of it all. And to be REALLY honest with you – the falseness that goes with it.

I have been battling with my heart, my head, and my soul. I have been in turmoil as I struggle through to find ‘the way’, and to achieve that perfect, happy balance, where it all just runs smoothly, and in harmony, both professionally and personally.

Attending these two events really opened my eyes, and settled my heart at the same time. I have taken time this week for some quiet, deep reflection. I have let go of a lot of things, and I am at peace with others. I have found my groove.

I am working on a 3-piece blog post at the moment to explain all, which I will bring to you as soon as I can. I hope my inspiring and uplifting experience can help bring some light and clarity in to your lives too.


Cue sarcasm ….
So check back here in 3 days!
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