Tribal Fitness recognises that sometimes we all need a little extra info or help in other areas of our lives, to help our overall balance of health and well-being. Therefore, we are pleased to recommend the following organisations, either from personal experience or from hearing positive feedback from our very own Tribe Members. If you would like to suggest further links that may help our fellow women and mums in the Tribe, then please get in touch with Head Chief Nikki via

We hope you find these links useful in building a stronger mind, body and soul while achieving a positive and balanced lifestyle.

Stay healthy! xx

Vital Nutrition

Jane McClenaghan is one of our own! She is an active and loyal member of the Tribe and has also worked alongside Head Chief Nikki on a number of professional events. But that’s not why she’s made it on to our page of recommendations! Jane’s level of enthusiasm matches her wealth of knowledge, and her lovely friendly manner makes this a winning combination. Tribal Fitness is very pleased to recommend Vital Nutrition to our Tribe Members who may be looking for more indepth and personalised nutritional information and guidance. Jane runs a variety of health workshops and offers 1-2-1 consultations, but it’s her fantastic cookbook that is probably the biggest hit with the Tribe!


Both the Pre and Post Natal stages of motherhood can be extremely overwhelming and difficult. A lot of women find themselves in need of extra support with regards to depression. This is no longer a ‘taboo’ subject, and at Tribal Fitness we thoroughly understand the impact of depression (maternal or not!) and offer as much social support as we can. Mental health is arguably more important than physical health, and therefore Tribal Fitness fully supports local agencies who provide mental health services for women. We are pleased to have heard positive feedback about PANGS NI from our own Tribe Members, and we hope that other mummies in our Tribe may find help there too if needed.

GoodNight Guidance

Suzanne Brook is another loyal Tribe Member and the Founder of GoodNight Guidance. If you are a mum, then you are probably no stranger to sleep deprivation, but if you feel things are just a bit too much and you need some extra help, then Suzanne may be the woman to help you tackle and overcome those sleep challenges. She has had personal experience of this so she really does understand, and she also has many years combined experience in teaching, childcare and behaviour management. Tribal Fitness is pleased that there is a local mum out there trying to help others with a very common but often extremeley difficult and stressful problem!

Flavour First

At Tribal Fitness we fully support real food, and especially food that is locally grown.  As busy ladies we love it if this fresh natural produce can be delivered right to our doors! Well, Flavour First do just that! At their farm in Donaghadee, they grow delicious seasonal vegetables, fruit, salads and free range eggs which can be delivered weekly, fortnightly or occasionally. With great feedback from our Tribe Members, we are pleased to see such a great local business help towards improving the health of our local community.

Mother Doula

There’s no denying that being pregnant, having a baby, and becoming a mother, can be quite an overwhelming, tiring and sometimes scary process. A growing number of our Tribe Members now live in NI without many friends or family nearby to provide that valuable support. Therefore we are glad to hear positive feedback from our Tribal ladies about the lovely nature and vital support and guidance given by Anne at Mother Doula. Her services are not only of offer during the antenatal/birthing phase, but are also available after the ‘big day’, to help new mums adjust to their new way of life.

Nature's Way

Tribal Fitness is happy to recommend Nature’s Way, based on the Upper Newtownards Road. Nature’s Way is one of Belfast’s oldest health food stores which stocks a wide range of specialist foods including gluten, wheat and dairy free options. They also have a wide range of vitamins and minerals, as well as herbal and homeopathic supplements. So if our Tribe Members are after something a little more special and specific, they can pop in and we’re sure the lovely Jackie will be happy to help!


CARED NI is local charity that provides support and advice to parents and carers who have a loved one suffering from an eating disorder. They offer courses for families and their approach provides education, skills and the techniques to help and support carers on this process. As expected, a friendly and supportive welcome awaits anyone searching for help or guidance.


Unfortunately maintaining a healthy lifestyle can take its toll on the body sometimes. Whether it be a niggle, a serious back issue, complications from pregnancy, or an accute injury, at some stage our Tribe Members may benefit from some physiotherapy treatment. Undoubtedly there are a multitude of good physios out there, however Laurene Livingston gets top recommendation for her overwhelming caring nature and dedication to improving your symptoms. Her knowledge and skills are exceptional and her magic hands (and feet!) work miracles on an array of conditions. Laurene goes above and beyond traditional phsyio methods, by using a unique combination of new treatment approaches, including the Sarah Key foot pressure treatment and the Emmett technique. So if you feel the need for some treatment, big or small, you can find Laurene based within Lisburn Physiotherpay and Sports Injury Clinic … if you’re lucky enough to get an appointment because this lovely lady is very much in demand!