Chief Nikki’s Transformation – Part Four

On the way home after school drop off, the long list of things I had to do that morning was whizzing through my head. While trying to dodge teenagers running wild all over the place obviously late for school, and finding myself getting slightly more annoyed than I should be for having to weave in and out of semi-parked cars in inappropriate places on busy roads at rush hour…(grrr)…I decided it was time for a micro action to nip the building stress in the bud and refocus on the day ahead.

So instead of rushing through traffic in a state of growing frenzy, I decided to take the scenic drive home. I got away from the queues of cars, and purposely slowed my speed right down a few notches to the ‘calm’ setting, and tootled along the coastal road towards the magnificent Ballyholme Beach.

I have seen this coastline hundreds of times. I teach fitness sessions here, I walk along with my daughter on a regular basis, and I grew up here- this is my playground! However, it never ever fails to take my breath away. As I drove along, the morning sun was bursting through the sky and making the sea shimmer as the white waves came rolling and crashing in. I found myself naturally smiling and my shoulders dropping.

I watched a few people out jogging and walking their dog, and I wished that I could grab a coffee and go for a wander along the sand. But I knew if I did that then the To Do List would never get done. My heart sank. And it was then that I realised I needed to earth myself again with nature, just for a moment, cause that’s all it takes. So I found myself swinging the car over to the side of the road and abruptly in to a parking space, flung the door open and walked over towards the sea. I took a moment, just a brief moment and really cleared my mind and simply watched the snapshot in life that was displayed in front of me. I felt the heat of the sun on my face, the strong refreshing wind surrounding my body and sweeping my hair back as if to cleanse away all that momentary stress that was starting to build up. A gentle reminder perhaps, to just ‘let go’.  I closed my eyes just for 5 or 10 seconds and let myself become immersed in that moment, like a mini meditation. And that was enough. The whole experience lasted only 30 seconds.

I gently walked back to my open door which had been abandoned, took one last look at the view, got in the car and drove home to tackle the day of chores that lay ahead. But I did this with a more relaxed nature and a calmer outlook. Without a doubt I was more organised and efficient that day. So for me, mindfulness is an essential part of the jigsaw when trying to establish and maintain a more balanced and healthier lifestyle, and it only has to be for brief snippets of time. Just enough to refocus and rebalance. And importantly I think moments like these have to be for YOU: no external influences, no distractions, no other agenda, no technology (hence no beautiful photo of that gorgeous view! Lol).  So, I urge you to adopt what I call micro actions in your life, with whatever it may be. Everyone can spare 30 seconds in their day. Everyone.