Chief Nikki’s Transformation – Part 9

Wowzers. What a summer that has been.

Granted, I haven’t trained as much as I would have liked, but on the flip side, I have hardly sat down for two months! I have packed in as many experiences and moments of happiness that I possibly could. And although I feel I have definitely made some progress, I don’t regret holding on to those few extra pounds of unwanted body fat for a wee bit longer. Remember, let’s not underestimate the benefits of mental and emotional health ‘training’ over and above the ‘physical training’ sometimes.

But the summer holidays are drawing to a close now, and another new weekly routine will be underway shortly as schools go back and the workload increases, which means time for more adjustments. You see, even if you establish a training (and eating) regime that fits with your lifestyle and works for you, it very rarely stays constant. Life changes, and we need to keep changing with it, we need to keep adapting, we need to keep evolving.

So it’s time for some serious focus to help lift me out of the slow summer swagger. This period of re-focusing comes at the best time. I am super excited about the launch of Tribal Fitness Bootcamps in Newcastle and Downpatrick very soon, and I am therefore helping all these lovely new Tribe Members to focus on their healthy habits and help give them a kick-start to shake the summer slump, by posting a daily workout for them – so I am practicing what I preach completing the daily workouts too!

This will give me focus, accountability and dedication. We’re nearly at the end of Week Two already and I have to admit I’m feeling really good! Each workout is less than 15 minutes so I don’t feel overwhelmed by committing to a daily workout for six weeks! I don’t need to fit in travel time to a gym, or find a babysitter, or kick myself for not even being prepared enough to find an hour in my hectic day to attend Susan’s Tribal workout which is literally down the road (yes, some days it’s that busy – I know you understand!). But after a week of mini workouts, which have been done in the kitchen when waiting for dinner to cook, in the park when the kids are playing, on the beach when out for a walk, and in the garden when hanging out the washing, I feel definite improvements.

I feel fitter – I run with more ease.
I feel stronger – I can lift bags and climb stairs easier.
I feel taller – my posture is more aligned.
I feel thinner – those clothes just aren’t quite as tight.
I feel better – I have more energy
I feel confident – these changes make me know I can do this
I feel pleased – I can see muscle tone starting to return!

Despite me always saying that returning to exercise or engaging in a transformation should be a ‘marathon’, it can sometimes be very beneficial to plan in the odd ‘sprint’ now and again.

My extra pounds of body fat aren’t going anywhere (!), but my summer of fun would have passed me by in a blink if I didn’t take it by the horns! So yes, the big picture is winning that marathon, but now I’m in to my sprint set for a short while. It’s all about focus, but it’s also about balance. There’s no one formula that works for everyone. We just have to keep rolling with the punches and trying our best, whatever that may be….

Head Chief Nikki xx