Chief Nikki’s Transformation – Part 8

When you plan to seriously hit the weight training again…..then this happens!

Hey, life happens! Unexpected events will always crop up and throw us off track, including injury, and it sucks! However, it doesn’t mean we have to throw the towel in. If we did that every time something cropped up then we’d never reach our goals. Remember, the successful approach to health and fitness means that this has to be a lifestyle, which means rolling with the punches and adapting things as we go.

So instead of the intended upper body weights session this week, I will now be replanning my whole training schedule for the next month or so, and concentrating on core and lower body strengthening work as well as some serious cardio HIIT sessions for fat burning. However it’s important that I gradually introduce some adapted upper body exercises to ensure I avoid major muscle wastage over the next 6 weeks! I’m excited. I can’t wait to start planning new workouts. It’s amazing how creative you can get with your training when you have to be!

Everything is possible. Planning and patience is the key!

Chief Nikki xx