On the Road Again – Part 10

I didn’t die! That alone is to be celebrated surely!

Today I witnessed (and certainly felt) actual physical progress! And big progress.

After nearly two years of mainly walking and not allowing my heart rate to rise and get too out of control, I have recently been introducing a little bit of gentle jogging to try and cautiously build things up again. And although it has felt somewhat frustrating with the whole ‘starting from scratch’ feeling, I have to admit it has felt good to get my body moving again. Despite it being uncomfortable and hard work, I have kept at it, making sure I do a little bit every other day.

A few days ago I was on cloud nine as I noticed that I can now maintain a jog for 20 minutes without stopping. That doesn’t sound a lot to most of you, but trust me, for me that is huge progress from when I found myself in a hospital bed nearly two years ago! So today, I had some new found hope. Hope that things are eventually starting to change. Hope that the rewards are showing through from the weeks of gentle training. Hope that I may regain my va-va-voom very soon.

Today I had a little twinkle in my eye and wondered ‘what if’.

I asked myself ‘what if I tested myself?’ I wanted to see just how hard I could push my body. Safely of course! I mean, I know my body and if it all goes horribly wrong then I can just stop! Right?

So I decided to bite the scary bullet and I set off on a treadmill to tackle my old favourite HIIT sprint session that I used to regularly do years ago  –  45 seconds of HARD FULL ON SPRINTING followed by 75 seconds of rest time, and repeated for 20 minutes (therefore 10 sets in total).

I aimed to complete at least three sets, just to see how it felt. Unbelievably, to my complete shock, I managed to sprint the whole ten sets. I was totally elated. (And totally busted!!!)

I can’t express how happy this has made me. I know I have a long way to go with regards to building my muscle back up, reducing my body fat again, and getting my nutrition firmly under control, but the enormity of me being able to not only jog again, but sprint, is making me grin from ear to ear. There’s life in the old dog yet!

It truly has given me hope, and certainly more motivation to keep going. It is a brilliant feeling and one that can never come quick enough, when you finally feel and see results. We all understand the initial darkness of relentlessly plodding on for weeks on end, feeling that all your efforts are doing you no good at all, so when it all finally starts clicking in to place you realise is has all been worth it. And that’s the lesson that we have keep reminding ourselves of…..doing something, doing anything, is always worth it!

Chief Nikki xx