Thanks to another fab Tribe Member for submitting this great testimonial of how Tribal Fitness positively impacted her life. Suzanne was a member of the Belfast Tribe a couple of years ago, but unfortunately she had to move away from a Tribal territory. However, Suzanne will soon be reunited with a new Tribe as we launch in Newcastle very soon! It’s fantastic to know Tribal Fitness continues to help ladies and mummies with their physical and mental health, and is so sought after and highly recommended!!! Thank you so much for your kind words and for wanting to share your experience with fellow Tribe Members!


Why I fell in love with Tribal Fitness

My first experience of Tribal Fitness was doing Nikki’s Pramtastic sessions in Ormeau Park and I LOVED them. It was a fitness class for me and I didn’t have to get anyone to babysit Lochlan (6months old at the time)… the fact that we were exercising outdoors was one of the best bits. Nikki’s expertise and knowledge about fitness was definitely superior to that of other PTs I had worked with before pregnancy and the fact that she also focused on post natal fitness was reassuring. The fresh air cleared my head and being surrounded by nature was good for my soul. Older ladies out walking in the park would cheer us on seeing us all exercising using our prams for lunges and I remember feeling proud to be a 21st century woman… having a baby and yet still making sure I gave myself some attention too. Chatting with the other Mummies really helped reduce the isolation I had been feeling, having gone to working FT as a teacher to being at home all day with a baby. The sessions flew by. I also went to the Babes Bootcamps in the evenings and getting out of the house after having been with a (lovely) baby all day was so freeing and felt so good. I came back refreshed, sore (you know that ‘good sore’!) and my soul was much happier from having been outdoors exercising while having a bit of craic with the other tribe members. Shortly after moving from Belfast to Newcastle I had my second baby and was so disappointed not to have a local tribe to join and make the most of the fab beach on my doorstep. SOOOOOOO excited and happy that Tribal Fitness has now finally arrived. Woo hoo!!!


Why I want to be part of it again

I hate doing exercise alone. Just hate it! I’d rather have a laugh and be outdoors while exercising, makes the aching muscles easier to cope with! The motivation I get from being in a group is amazing… bring on the Newcastle Tribe!!!


How Tribal Fitness supports me

For me, there are 3 main things – Motivation. Tiredness (from being a busy, working Mum). No set goal.

One of the hardest things for me to commit to working out is definitely motivation. My motivation over these past few years has been so negatively impacted by the chronic sleep deprivation I went through for 2.5years. When I was feeling so very tired and had depression (I also have fibromyalgia – chronic pain in muscles and chronic tiredness) I just felt like lying on the sofa and eating comfort food. Sleep deprivation affects your positivity levels and it’s so very easy to think negatively… the world is a much happier place when you’ve had a good night’s sleep! Even though I generally get good sleep these days, I’m still up some nights as my children are only age 2 and 4yrs. I also spend some nights working with other families helping them to teach their child how to sleep better. so I’ll be up most of those nights!! I find that when I’m tired, I reach for comfort foods (especailly high sugar foods/drinks) then I find myself eating and eating and eating… and feeling like there’s no point exercising because how am I ever going to lose the ever increasing weight I’m piling on?! Vicious cycle!! Also, for me, I work better when I’ve a deadline, an end goal to achieve. Hoping that being part of the tribe will help tackle these issues by the girls helping me to stay motivated, the exercise giving me more energy (and making me want to eat better) and each week I know I’ll want to improve on my exercise performance from the week before.

I’m really looking forward to becoming part of the Tribe again! Thanks Tribal Fitness. 🙂