Yes, yes, we know! We’re a fitness company and we shouldn’t be promoting nights out.

BUT, we are REAL women, and we’re REALISTIC! C’mon, who doesn’t enjoy a good night out with friends?

So, your Chiefs organise the odd night out for the Tribes to let their hair down and paint the town red. It’s fantastic to have the time outside of bootcamps to chat and really get to know your Tribe better. Many great friendships have been made throughout Tribal Fitness, which is fantastic to see. You can never have enough friends, eh!

It can be a challenge though, as it can be hard to recognise your fellow Tribe Members ‘with their clothes on’!

So, keep an eye on the Facebook page so you don’t miss the next social! Come and join us and let your hair down. (Anyway, all that dancing burns off loads of calories!!!)