IMG_4379The first time I ever went to one of Nikki’s bootcamps i was hooked! I am generally a very fit and active person, forever in the gym, out running, on a bike…. never sitting still! Exercise keeps me sane! So when I saw that she was looking for people to take on a franchise the thought was never far from my mind.
However….I’m a busy girl….I’m a primary school teacher and a mother and taking on something else was a big step. Life and commitments meant that I wasn’t getting to the gym as much but was having to fit in my own training in the park when my daughter was at tennis lessons, or going for a run early Saturday mornings when no one missed me. Every time I made up my own circuits in the park, or squatted alone against trees I thought of all the ladies who I was sure would love to join me, who would benefit and it was something that I would love to do being so close to my heart.

So, I decided to take the plunge and contact Nikki to see what this ‘franchise’ business was all about. I came away from that first meeting with thoughts spinning around my head. There was so much involved, more than i had anticipated and i needed to gain a proper qualification. Many sleepless nights followed as i tossed the pros and cons around in my head. I drove my husband insane….should i or shouldn’t I? It was a major decision. Another meeting with Nikki followed and I was no further forward – one minute i was going to do it, the next I wasn’t! Right….ok…..nothing ventured, nothing gained….and i’d regret it if I didn’t!

First thing was to get qualified. This entailed numerous intensive weekends of anatomy and physiology, principles of exercise and correct teaching methods of all exercises and machines. I soon realised why I never became a doctor, or even studied biology beyond GCSE! Who knew that there were 206 bones in the body and all sorts of different muscles?….and that these muscles attached to these ones and caused that part of the body to work! What’s more I had to learn the names of all those parts! Course work, 2 written exams and a practical assessment all followed! My half term weekend was spent in Virgin Active learning and being taught! However I came out the other end with a great big PASS and a Level 2 Fitness Instructors Qualification!

The next day I tentatively took my first class covering for Emily in Hazelbank! The girls were lovely and I think they got a good workout and what’s more i really enjoyed it!

March 1st and 2nd I had planned a Launch Weekend with all classes free in Wallace Park, Lisburn and Stormont, Belfast. I was extremely nervous – would people show up or not? How many? I had had numerous email enquiries but who knew?! A few work mates said they might come along but I didn’t know who exactly. 8 turned up and we set off. We laughed and squatted and chatted and lunged. The craic was great, they were having fun and working hard and i was having fun and working them hard! They appeared to have a really good workout but time would tell…..would they return?? I wasn’t so sure reading the texts and Facebook comments i received the next 2 days. They couldn’t move, were in pain, agony etc…..we’ve all been there! But no pain, no gain and all that!
They came back and they brought their friends!!

So the Tribe is growing and I’m absolutely loving being a Chief!