RunnerBeans is a 6 week course for children aged 2-5 years and their parent/carer. The course involves weekly games to help promote physical activity and developmental milestones. Each week the children also get the opportunity to experiment with different fruits and vegetables. With the adults getting involved, lots of energy, yummy foods and sticker rewards, it is a very beneficial and enjoyable course for both kids and adults!

Childhood obesity is a growing problem, so Tribal Fitness is pleased to be able to help children and families adopt a healthier lifestyle by providing information, but most importantly, opportunities and continued support from professionals and peers!

Here in Northern Ireland, about 20% of our preschool children are overweight or obese. That is a very scary statistic. These children are at risk of many physical and mental health risks. There is more chance of these children experiencing health related risks that have until recently only been seen in adults, such as diabetes and depression. Young children that fall in to this category are also more likely to develop in to adulthood as obese men and women, mainly due to the choices and lifestyle habits formed at a young age. It is therefore imperative that we provide not only awareness and education to children and their carers, but also provide them with opportunities and support to implement healthier lifestyles choices that suit their family needs. Information isn’t enough…we need to actually DO IT!

“RunnerBeans is the perfect way to help combat the frightening rise in childhood obesity and the associated health risks. Well done Tribal Fitness for helping local families!” Dr Brown (GP)

Quotes from parents

“She really enjoyed the classes and it definitely helped getting her to try new things on her plate”
“Loads of fun and educational too!”
“…since the class she will try things for me.”
“She loved the games and ‘exercising’ and has continued this at home”
“she ate a full piece of pepper and cucumber at the class, something she had never done before”
“She was very keen to tell her big brother about her fitness class and what she had learnt”
“I asked her what she wanted for lunch and nearly fell off my chair when she said carrots and broccoli!”

Book a course NOW!

Tribal Fitness delivers RunnerBeans Bootcamp in community and preschool settings, such as a local community groups, nurseries or Sure Starts. For all enquiries or to book a course in your organisation, please contact Nikki on or call/text 078 2516 2646.

Look forward to seeing you and your little RunnerBeans soon!