# Nurse Your Way To Wellness

For the duration of the Coronavirus pandemic in our wee country, whenever you purchase any of my products or services, I will match it and give away the same item for free to a front line Health Worker. It’s my way, our collective way, of saying thanks and giving a little bit of health and happiness back in to the community. So if you have any nurse friends working on the front line, let them know about my Get One, Give One offer, and join me on Facebook to nominate names to receive any goodies.




Due to not being able to coach all our lovely clients face to face, we’ve moved online!

I’m delighted to be delivering a special online Covid-19 Programme called Movement & Mindset.

This is completely FREE, however there is a suggested donation of £10 a month, which would be very gratefully received during this time. But if pennies are tight for you right now, then just come on over and join our group for free.




If you have a birthday coming up, or perhaps you just want to cheer up a friend, you can now purchase Tribal Fitness vouchers! Imagine how fantastic it will be when you’re able to join me again to redeem all your vouchers for some fun group workouts, in the lovely fresh air! It will not only be a great self-care gift, or birthday present for your girlfriends, but it will also help support Tribal Fitness during this weird and wonderful time of Coronavirus lockdown, PLUS is will help bring some joy to front line Health Care staff, with the Get One, Give One offer #NurseYourWayToHealth (see above)!

You have THREE different services to choose a gift voucher for: 

  • 4 outdoor bootcamp sessions in Bangor for £24
  • A personal 1-2-1 bootcamp class in Bangor, with a £5 discount offer, making it only £20!
  • And a place on the AMAZING 7 Day Total Energy ReBoot plan, discounted from £75 down to £55!

The 7 Day Total Energy ReBoot plan is an amazing, in-depth, guided look at how to optimise your energy to improve your overall health and happiness. At a time like this we are all observing how important looking after ourselves is, and when CV-19 has finally moved on, we will all be wanting to raise our energy again and achieve better health and happiness. So there is no better way to focus on this that preparing now to join me for this beautiful, supportive programme when we all return to our ‘new normal’. Grab a voucher now for yourself or a friend, and feel content knowing that re-energising to a better version of yourself is coming, once all this upheaval has passed. And yes, the #NurseYourWayToWellness Get One Give one scheme applies here too!

Simply click below to purchase, and your lovely gift voucher will be emailed to you within 48 hours.
Many thanks!

Nikki 4 outdoor classes

Nikki 1-2-1 session

Nikki CV-19 Total Energy ReBoot Online offer


Welcome to the brand new Skinny Little Book series!

This series will be bringing you lots of information, practical hints and tips, along with guided programmes to help make your life much healthier and happier.

Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness

We all experience the ‘burn’ from a heavy exercise session now and again. This comprehensive E-Book explains what causes your muscles to become sore, but more importantly, the top 10 things you can do to ease the pain and speed up recovery. A great guide to help with bouts of DOMS, or perhaps how to plan avoiding muscle soreness occurring in the future!

Only £5.99

Buy Now - DOMS

Energy Bites Recipe

A gorgeous recipe that is super quick and easy to do, with no baking or cooking involved! It literally takes 5 minutes to make, and is the perfect snack on the go, or quick meal substitute if you’re running behind schedule! Kids love getting involved too (although I find adding chocolate chips is always helpful)!

Self Care

We all need a little more self care. Well now is the time to make it a priority, with this lovely self care planner, complete with practical tools on how to implement the right type of self care in to your daily life. 

Normally £4.99 but FREE to download during Covid-19 lockdown, because we all need an extra boost of self care at the moment.
(link coming soon), however donations will still be gratefully received below. 

DONATE for Self Care

Optimum Energy

In this fast-paced, stress filled existence, we all need to look after our energy and know how to maximise and protect it. This in-depth look at how to optimise your energy levels, is a fully guided programme, encouraging you to totally reboot your energy through a 7 day plan, that fits around your lifestyle. This is a practical, hands on approach to protecting your energy and ensuring you continue to optimise it going forwards. This E-Book accompanies the 7 Days Total Energy ReBoot programme, so feel free to get in touch and see when the next online course will be starting. Course full price £75, with early bird option of £55.

Family Fitness

Coming soon!


Coming soon!