Congratulations on your new addition! If you’re managing to get used to the sleepless nights, and getting passed that walking zombie stage, you may be starting to think about exercising again. Choose from our outdoor Pramtastic sessions or our indoor Mum and Baby Circuits Course. All our postnatal bootcamps are specially designed for the postnatal body and taught by fully qualified postnatal fitness instructors. And the best thing is, you can bring your baby along with you too!


Mother and Baby Outdoor Exercise Sessions

That’s right ladies, bring your baby along with you in the buggy and enjoy exercising in the great outdoors with other mums. All the exercises are specifically designed for post natal women and help towards burning off any unwanted baby fat, along with strengthening those muscles again, so you can cope with the demands of a growing newborn – and that car seat! Phew.

We use the natural surroundings to get a full body workout, usually starting with a brisk walk to warm up, followed by a mixture of exercises and fun games, then finishing with a cool down walk and gentle stretch.

Of course you’ll know that exercise is good for you physically, but did you know that it can improve your mood and relieve stress too? Also, being outdoors has been proven to help with alleviating symptoms of postnatal depression…so imagine how good you could feel exercising outdoors on a regular basis!

Pramtastic Bootcamps are great for meeting other new mums and catching up on the latest TV gossip or sharing concerns about being a new mum… and dont’ worry, you’re allowed to chat as much as you like during the session – we’re all women after all… it is our right to talk!

The sessions are very relaxed and friendly and everyone can take it at their own pace. All exercises can be adapted for individual needs, regardless of your postnatal stage, medical condition or fitness level, so that means ANY woman, of ANY age, at ANY postnatal stage and of ANY fitness level, can do a Pramtastic Bootcamp. So come and give it a go!

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Terms and Conditions

Please see details of the Flexible Session Card System on the Prices page.



How long are the sessions?

Each session is 45 – 60 minutes. Although feel free to leave early if your baby is unsettled or needs feeding near the end of the session. Everything is flexible to fit in with you.


Layered, comfortable clothing that’s suitable to exercise in and appropriate for the weather. Securely fastened training shoes, (sorry, those sexy yummy mummy high heels must remain in the wardrobe!).  Remember a hat if it’s cold and sun cream if it’s hot (we should be so lucky eh!).  Gloves are recommended as we often lean on benches and walls etc, which can be wet and cold.


Your completed registration form if possible. It’s advisable to bring a light waterproof jacket and gloves to keep in the pushchair basket – it is Northern Ireland after all, and we often experience all four seasons during one class! Occassionally we lie on the grass, and some people like to bring a towel to lie on. Again this can be kept in your pushchair until needed. Other than that all you need is a small bottle of water and a light snack for afterwards if you desire. Oh, and a smile. That’s compulsory!


Your baby will love watching you workout, while sitting in their buggy. Don’t worry at all if your baby cries. We all understand! I guarantee yours won’t be the only one. Feel free to stop and attend to your baby’s needs and join back in with us when you are ready. You baby comes first at all times. No doubt your baby will enjoy taking in all the senses around them as we move through the park, however bringing some snacks or favourite toys can help keep them entertained if we’ve stopped to do some exercises. And although you may get a bit hot and sweaty, bear in mind your baby isn’t working out, so ensure they are dressed for the weather. And don’t forget that rain cover!


Absolutely not.  The sessions are designed for postnatal women and that means gentle/brisk walking is recommended. You do not have to do ANY of the exercises if you don’t want to. All exercises can be adapted for individual needs. Of course, women of all abilities and postnatal stages are welcome, therefore if your baby is over 6 months of age and you’ve already regained a level of fitness, then you’re welcome to take things up a level. But don’t worry, your Chief will be there to help keep you on track.


Yep, some people may have a quick look.  Who wouldn’t?  We look awesome!  I promise you though, they’ll be in awe and totally impressed with what you are all doing. We often get positive comments from passers-by which just gives us a little bit more motivation to keep going!  And sometimes we even see them the following week, ready to join us, with their baby in tow!


What about it? Yep, it’s Northern Ireland – it’s going to rain. We don’t let the weather stop us getting out in to the great outdoors and working towards a healthier body and mind. Just comes prepared. Remember, there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing! So, rain or shine, it’s bootcamp time!

Although please note that in extreme weather conditions the session may be cancelled for safety reasons so make sure you check the Tribal Fitness Facebook page, for any updates before each session to avoid disappointment.

Mum and Baby Circuits

Mum and Baby Circuits is a four week indoor class, for mums who want to get active again and tone up! Babies are toddlers are welcome in the sessions, so there is no need for childcare!

The sessions are led by a fully qualified postnatal fitness instructor, with exercises designed to address the muscular and postural imbalances developed during pregnancy. Focus is made on strengthening the core muscles that may be weakened during pregnancy and labour, as well as including overall body toning. It is also a great opportunity to have your abdominals accessed for diastasis and learn how to correct it (ask your Chief!). Diastasis is separation of the stomach muscles, which can not only lead to back pain and other complications, but can also prevent you from regaining that nice flat stomach!

You can bring your baby along with you, so it’s great for bonding and interacting, as well as providing you with a great workout!

The sessions are very relaxed and friendly, and great for meeting other new mums. It’s a brilliant opportunity to get out of the house and exercise with your baby, with no need for childcare! So enquire today about the next course in your area.

Terms and Conditions

Full terms and conditions for our indoor courses can be found on the Prices page.



How Long are the Sessions?

Each session is 45 – 60 minutes, once a week for 4 weeks.


Your completed registration form (if you haven’t already handed one in) and a bottle of water. You may also want to bring some snacks for your little one and a few of their favourite toys, to keep them entertained while you work out!


Comfortable clothing and footwear that is appropriate for exercising.


Your baby or toddler is welcome to come along too, and although all measures will be taken to ensure a safe environment, please bear in mind that their welfare and safety during the class is ultimately your responsibility, so please do keep a close eye on them while you’re exercising. Your baby does not need to be ‘on wheels’, however some mums prefer keeping their baby in a pushchair or car seat, while others let them wriggle about on the mats. It’s totally up to you. Bringing a few of their favourite toys or some snacks, can be a good idea to help keep them entertained. We want you to feel comfortable in the class with your baby. That means, don’t worry if they cry! We understand. Your baby will always come first, so feel free to give cuddles, feed, leave the room for a walk etc if you need to, then simply join back in with us when you can.

Pre & Postnatal