It’s true. There’s no way around it. Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. Eating in the morning sets you up for the day, physically and mentally. You have been asleep for about 8 hours (or maybe 3 hours if you are part of the Pramtastic Tribe!) and during this time your metabolism has slowed down. If you don’t put food into your body, your metabolism will continue to stay slow. You may think that skipping a meal will save on calories and help you lose weight, but, for fat burning you need your metabolism to be fired on all cylinders, so skipping breakfast can actually prevent you from burning fat! So you need to get your body out of the ‘starvation’ mode and ‘break the fast’.

I’m sure you’ve heard about the studies where children who have breakfast perform better in school. Well that’s the same for adults. Having breakfast can help you be more ‘switched on’ at work or be able to cope more with the treadmill of motherhood. Your brain needs fuel as well as your body, so a lack of good nutrition in the morning can result in a day of slowed thought process, memory loss and the inability to multi-task! And if you always skip breakfast, then every day could be like this for you.

Eating a good nutritious breakfast will also help kick those mid-morning cravings (usually of chocolate or snacks high in sugar, which is your body’s way of saying ‘feed me some good food’) because it won’t only increase your metabolism but it will help provide a steady release of energy, so you won’t need those sugar hits.

Ok, so now I’ve convinced you (!) you’re probably screaming at the computer, ‘that’s all very well Nikki, but WHAT is a healthy breakfast?’. To be honest, you probably already know this anyway. You know you don’t want to be eating a massive bowl of Frosties, with extra sugar on top. Think more along the lines of wholegrain bread instead of white, porridge instead of coco pops, or even a grilled bacon sandwich and a boiled egg instead of that ulster fry!

So if you want to burn fat, be able to concentrate at work, cope more with juggling the kids and the housework, as well as reducing those cravings, then remember to eat a healthy breakfast every morning.

Still not convinced? Then give it a go for two weeks and see if you notice a difference.