Chief Nikki’s Transformation – Part Three


Let’s talk food.

Most of the time I find that nutrition can be a bigger hurdle for me than the exercise. And so far, at the start of my journey, this is certainly ringing true.

I am pleasantly surprised though, that although I’m finding it tough, I seem to have reignited the spark inside of me to enjoy exercise and I’m quickly re-establishing that craving for a tighter, stronger, more energetic and alert body! The food aspect on the other hand, isn’t exactly filling me with joy.


My pallet has become accustomed to high levels of fat, sugar and salt. OK, let’s just be honest here…..I like eating pizza, Chinese takeaways, crisps and chocolate. I’ve even let fizzy drinks sneak in there, (I know, I know. I can hear your ‘tuts’).

However, now that I’m on the road again with a bit of exercise, that feeling of ‘undoing hard work’ is creeping in.

The other night I was exhausted, and feeling very lazy. I just wanted the day to be over, crash on the sofa and grab a rare hour to myself and actually watch some mindless TV for a change. I opened the cupboards and looked at a range of food, somewhat unenthusiastically. I opened the fridge. Nope, nothing got my taste buds tingling in there either! Then I opened the freezer, and there it was. A gorgeous Sweet Chilli Chicken thin crust pizza. Now we’re talking! My mouth actually started to water. I felt excited and relieved. I was glad I had found food that would take me no effort at all to prepare, and would be ready for me to gobble up with delight in just a few minutes. I was a happy bunny.

But then I realised, that after I had hoovered up my pizza (which is what I do – it’s so nice I hardly chew it!) I would still not be full up. The voice of experience started to reason with myself. I would eat a full pizza and then still want something else. So what would I have afterwards? I still didn’t want to prepare any food – I mean, I was far too tired after the day I had!!! Crisps? Biscuits with a cup of tea? Cheese on toast (probably 4 rounds!). These were my options. While looking in the fridge, already preparing my five predicted courses, I realised I had loads of bits and bobs of healthy food and a lot of left-overs.

I knew this real food, this green food, this healthy food, would be a much better choice for me, but did I have it in me to prepare it?


I felt a slight twinge through my muscles from the exercise I had been doing, and I found myself staring and sighing in to the fridge. The time had come. I couldn’t run away from the green vegetables any more. I had reached that point of thinking, ‘if I am trying so hard to exercise again and improve my body, then I have to start fuelling it properly again’. I knew I was super hungry, and I knew that a pizza just wouldn’t dampen those hunger pangs! So, I found myself standing up taller, rolling my shoulders back and actually saying out loud, ‘Nichola, just do it’.

Out came the donated left-over cooked chicken from my mother’s house. Out came the veg that was bought with enthusiasm and determination, but had been left to wither away with promises of ‘tomorrow, I will eat you tomorrow’. Out came the obligatory onion that for some reason is always found whenever you look!


I popped some music on and turned it up. Had a stern word with myself, gave myself a shake and started chopping!

In about the same time it would have taken for a pizza to cook, I now had a huge pan full of colourful, nutritious, filling food! I actually smiled and found myself excited to eat this meal.

I had thirds. Told you I was hungry! But in doing this, I avoided a pizza, a packet of crisps, biscuits and no doubt my own body weight in cheese and crackers too! Yes, I was super hungry, but in eating this meal I didn’t have one bit of guilt or feeling I was letting myself down. It was the complete opposite. I knew I was packing goodness in to my body, so although I was eating a large amount of food, I didn’t feel bad at all. And best of all, I was full up!


Is it possible, that I have reignited the fire in my belly for good food again? Possibly. But of course experience tells me that it can be a long road with me and food, so time will tell…… But at least I’ve made that first step in the right direction. And for that, I have to be proud. Because it’s this feeling of pride and having a sense of overcoming hurdles, that can provide the driving force of motivation going forward. And that’s simply invaluable at this stage.

Chief Nikki xx