“Lose 14 stone in a day!”

No way Peter Kay. It just ain’t gonna happen!

But unfortunately our society is geared to encourage us to go on endless crash diets. Now, we all know at the back of our minds that they aren’t that healthy for us, but a lot of people keep doing it, in the attempt to get that body beautiful as quickly as they can. But in doing that, you may actually be setting yourself up to put more weight on. Here’s why…

A sudden decrease in body weight, through taking in a minimal amount of calories from food and drink, may get you excited to see the scales decreasing, but there are two main reasons why this is not necessarily a good thing. The first is that the initial radical weight loss is actually mainly water that you are losing. Although the scales may look encouraging, your body has not actually burnt off that amount of fat.  The second fact here is that the body responds to a rapid decrease in weight by slowing down the metabolism which therefore slows down the rate at which your body can burn off fat.

After a while, we all get fed up with the crash diet – let’s face it – celery soup and dry crackers is just not that appetising! So when we start taking in our regular diet again, our metabolism is slow, probably along with a reduction in muscle fibre (as your body has been breaking this down to get fuel) so our body now stores the fat quicker, so you put on weight. And therefore the yo-yo starts again.

The solution? Make changes to your LIFESTYLE. Don’t just repeat the circle of diets. Make changes that you can sustain. I don’t mean a rigid strict regime which you can’t deviate from. A lifestyle means just that – it’s a diet style for life. Nothing in life is constant, things fluctuate – and your weight and diet are no different! So maybe accept the fact you will have chocolate cake on birthdays and a glass of wine or two on a work night out, if overall your lifestyle diet is a healthy one. So ditch the crash diet and choose the healthier slow, long term approach to fat reduction. You’ll see better results, that you can maintain – I promise!