Collaboration with Dr Danielle

Tribal Fitness is very excited to be joining forces with the amazing Dr Danielle McCarthy, Registered Nutritionist, from Live It Up Ventures.

At Tribal Fitness, we recognise that ‘fitness’ is much, much more than exercise alone.

With effective exercise, comes good nutrition. The two go hand in hand.

So it’s no surprise that we are passionate about collaborating with Danielle, who is not only an expert in her field, but also holds the same passions as Tribal Fitness!

Like us, she is focused on how to not only empower local families to make healthier choices, but to also provide them with the tools and knowledge to be able to make those educated choices, that will improve their overall health.

Danielle is a mum herself, and therefore has a deep rooted interest in both pre and post pregnancy nutrition, and enjoys suggesting different eating habits, and ways to make small changes that can make a huge difference to energy levels for busy mums! So, you can see how complimentary her knowledge and services will be in supporting all the pre & postnatal exercise products delivered by Tribal Fitness.

We are excited about welcoming Danielle on board with our collaboration events, and truly believe Danielle will add great value to the services we provide our Tribal ladies in Northern Ireland!

A big warm Tribal welcome! Here’s to many wonderful Wellness events in the future!

Head Chief Nikki xx