The Circle of ‘Tribal’ Life

Like the blending of seasons, the fluctuations of nature, or the rise and fall of tides, Tribal Fitness also ebbs and flows with developments and changes, including our amazing Chiefs.

We have come to another ‘change of season’ within Tribal Fitness, as Chief Gillian and Chief Hollie spread their wings. They will of course always be part of the Tribe, but will no longer be donning the ‘Chief’ hoodies and guiding our fabulous Tribal ladies through their health and fitness paces each week.

I am in awe of Gillian, as she has maintained the energy levels and momentum over the last few years to juggle a very busy, stressful, and time-consuming job as a Primary School teacher, as well as looking after her home and family, and keeping on top of her own fitness (we don’t call her ‘the machine’ for nothing!), and also inspiring and motivating her Tribe to reach their potential in bootcamp and beyond. Truth be told, I don’t know how she has done it for so long!

But the reality is, despite being Superwomen, we all have our limits. And with her daughter entering important exam stages at school, she has made the wise decision to ensure her focus and energy is redirected to there – where it is needed most. I’m sure none of us can disagree that our kids come first! So, it is with huge thanks, and much admiration, that we wish Gillian all the best for the future. Although I’m sure she won’t be a stranger to us!

As many of you know, Chief Hollie has also approached some exciting cross-roads in life, and contemplates the changes and opportunities that lie ahead. Hollie has given her all to the Tribe, and like all the other Chiefs, has made such a positive impact to so many. Hollie continually brought the ethos of Tribal alive, and shared the same vision of how to provide creative ways in which to encourage and inspire more women to engage with healthy living. And for that I thank her whole-heartedly. But alas, time moves on, changes and opportunities present themselves as we weave our way through the world, trying to cut out the pathway of where we ‘belong’ and ultimately what destination we want to arrive at. And is it therefore with a massive Good Luck, we wish her and her sidekick Tim, all the best in making the exciting decisions that face them – including a possible relocation to Amsterdam, expansion of their passion for Retreats, and embarking on new vocations such as counselling. And between you and me, it also wouldn’t surprise me if we are treated with a hospitality venture, a range of B&Bs and a stream of healthy eating cafes from this dynamic duo! Good luck guys!

So, the ebb and flow continues, and with these changes, brings possibilities and opportunities for New Tribal Chiefs waiting in the wings, as Tribal Fitness continues to expand and grow in new and exciting directions, with fresh energy and vision. I’m really looking forward to what lies ahead, and I am so thankful you are on this journey with us!

Once part of the Tribe, always part of the Tribe!