I just LOVE my Happy Jar. It has been such a blessing and positive addition to my life since I started it.

It’s obvious that I believe health and fitness should be a priority, and I also try to take every opportunity that presents itself, and embrace every adventure possible, however, I am also extremely passionate about remaining thankful for all the good things that bring happiness in life, big and small. It’s amazing that these drops of pure happiness are more than often the ‘wee things in life’ that really mean the most, but which can be so easily overseen. And that’s where the Happy Jar comes in…

If you are unfamiliar with a jar full of happiness, this is how you create one:

  1. Choose a nice jar. One that you like and makes you smile when you see it.
  2. At the end of every day you write down at least one thing that has made you happy that day
  3. Pop the piece of paper in to the jar
  4. Do this at least once every day, for a full year
  5. Do this even on what you think are really bad and horrible days: trust me, you will still be able to find one small thing that has made you happy (or less sad) that you are grateful for

Keeping a Happy Jar can be beneficial in many ways.

It keeps you focussing on the good and positive things in life on a daily basis. Don’t underestimate this! Mental and emotional health is arguably more important than physical health!

On bad days, you can take a ‘lucky dip’ in to that jar and read through a few really happy memories which can help lift your mood. It also starts to create patterns, so you may become more aware of what truly makes you happy. You may be surprised that it’s a simple hug or watching beautiful rainbows that make it in to your Happy Jar, time and time again. You may be amazed to learn that the grand gestures, preconceived ambitions and big events of life (such as money or a tidy house!), aren’t as important to you as you first thought!

Keeping a Happy Jar, keeps me grounded. It helps me prioritise what to spend my time, money and emotion on in my life. Because time flies so quickly and it is so easy to put time and energy in to the wrong things, and without really noticing. It is a wonderful record of all the happiness that is experienced, which would have most likely been forgotten!

My happiness jar often consists of sunrises, sunsets, moments in nature, music, improvements in my health and fitness, enjoying hugs, laughing with my family, climbing mountains and travelling to see more of this great land of ours! I wonder what will make it in to yours?

Head Chief Nikki xx

(a guest blog for UTV)