SEPTEMBER is here!

Can you believe it?

I will be honest with you. Completely honest. I had a completely care-free summer with regards to health and fitness.

I say carefree to give you the joyous impression that I enjoyed eating and drinking what I wanted, when I wanted, and not feeling guilty at all about doing no fitness whatsoever. Bliss, right?

Wrong. Cause the truth really is – this wasn’t good for me. I mean, how can it be? Not physically anyway.

How twisted we are to convince ourselves of this though? My dad used to call it ‘self-justification for absolutely almost anything’!

We can sometimes fool ourselves to think that having prolonged, and frequent ‘time off’ is a good thing – as if living a healthy lifestyle is such a terrible, miserable chore and therefore we DESERVE a break from the misery and arduous undertakings of living it.

What rubbish!

Please note I said PROLONGED and FREQUENT, because of course as you know, I am a great believer in having a little bit of what you fancy within your lifestyle, and NOT having massive restrictions and NOT feeling guilty about ANYTHING. Life, a healthy lifestyle, or a fitness journey to achieve a specific goal, are never going to be an easy linear process. It’s FULL of ups and downs, blips and bumps. But we often experience a wave of guilt and feeling of instant depression as soon as we experience one of these blips or bumps – without stopping to consider the achievements and if in fact we are still overall going in the right direction with our journey! I believe it’s the forbidden restrictions, and guilt we put on to ourselves that drives us to a completely messed up attitude towards nutrition and exercise, and hence more often than not an increase in body fat and a reduction in fitness. So where’s the sense in that?

Anyway, here’s a little secret. (Ok, evidently not such a secret). My ‘carefree’ living has been going on for some time before the socially acceptable ‘summer break’!

To be honest, it has gone beyond a ‘break’, and moved rapidly towards self-destruction to be quite honest.

Too harsh a statement? Perhaps, but I haven’t been looking after my body. Not one little bit.

Just to clarify. When I say ‘body’ – I mean my physical state. But we all know there is more to health and much more to looking after yourself, than just ensuring you complete that run and do those squats!

So, why have I let my physical fitness and good nutrition decline? Well, that’s another story. The quick answer is – for lots of reasons. The usual culprits are in there – a flare of illnesses, an unavoidable hectic lifestyle, and enduring prolonged stress and anxiety. During periods like this in life, some people throw themselves in to fitness as a coping mechanism, while other people ditch it all together and make the CHOICE to focus on emotional stability, mental well-being, connecting with family and taking time to plan future endeavours.

For a while now, I have chosen the latter. And in doing that, I didn’t focus, or even care about fuelling my body with good nutrition, or ensuring I carved out time for exercise to keep my body strong. I just abandoned it all. I made the conscious choice that I didn’t want to dedicate time or effort to it. I made the choice to channel my energy and time in to other things.

Are you outraged?

A fitness instructor, who motivates others to maintain a healthy lifestyle, completely falling off the wagon!?!


No, I don’t think so.

Human? Honest? Not pulling the wool over your eyes and presenting/selling myself as something I’m not?


Therefore, as much as Super September is needed for the large majority of us who just let our lifestyles ‘slip’ over the summer, it’s also the perfect opportunity for those Tribal ladies who need a bit of a hand on the shoulder, a nod of encouragement at the right time, and the opportunity to get support to snap out of an undesirable lifestyle that they may be fed up with, and embark on a new fresh approach that will hopefully deliver a happier and healthier way of living.

So ladies, I don’t pretend to present myself as the pinnacle of health and fitness to you. But I promise you that I share my journey with you as honestly as I can. And promise I will constantly endeavour to help those around me.

As a side note, (while we’re touching on the subject), can I be even more honest with you? I am totally fed up with the falseness that surrounds the fitness industry. It’s time to get real. So please accept and embrace my bare faced honesty.

During the next few weeks, I’m really looking forward to connecting with you, whether you are just on a fitness drive after the summer holiday binge, or if you are wanting to take that first step towards improving your physical health, or achieving a stronger sense of yourself, with higher self-esteem and a more emotionally balanced state of well-being. These are all important goals, because in turn this will provide you with the energy and motivation to achieve what you may now feel is impossible! So don’t over think it – just take that first step. Even if it’s a baby one. It’s still a step.

So, please join me in sharing this Super September journey. Let me know how you find the workouts. Let me know if you make even the smallest of changes to your diet. Let me know if you have successes you want to share within our group. And definitely let me know if there are any topics you want to strike up a conversation about.

Let’s connect with each other. But let’s keep it honest, keep it real, keep it achievable, keep it flexible. And most importantly of all, throughout any ups and downs, keep it guilt free! Let’s learn from each other. Let’s support each other. And let’s smile our way through Super September!

Head Chief Nikki xx