Just as I was finishing this blog, ready to click ‘publish’, an email came through – as if to just prove a point!

Serendipity. Fate. Fortune. Chance.

Call it whatever you like, but the last couple of weeks have been pure bliss.

Once summer came to an end, I emerged from the rock that I have been hibernating under, and re-engaged with the big bad world.

My time of contemplation, prioritisation and planning has come to an end, and it’s now time to make those ideas and passions blossom. They have been on the shelf for too long. Those dreams are meant to be chased.

When I felt truly ready to embrace the new chapter that lies ahead, I let my shoulders drop, I took off my socks and shoes, I walked around my garden bare foot for some time, watching the sky and listening to the wildlife, then I stopped, wriggled my toes through the long grass, took a huge breath in and said out loud, ‘It’s Time’. And I smiled up at the clouds.

It may sound crazy, but I was literally connecting with the natural world around me and asking the universe for some signs and guidance.

I’m not bonkers. And I’m not a hippy. I’m just finally at a place of calmness.

My dad repeatedly said to me over the years, ‘Nichola, my dear, you are a product of your environment, so choose your environment wisely’.

I have been in the wrong environment for too long.

Yes to be fair, life happens and some of that ‘environmental control’ has been somewhat out of my control, but still, I’ve been in the wrong environment none the less.

I felt it was time to change my environment. Change my fate.

I accepted that all I can do is my best, in doing what I am able to. I can make choices, change my mindset, change practical issues in my life, gain some control and structure – we all try this now and again but often find ourselves right back where we started, so I still felt I just needed something extra. I needed the universe to give me a break!

Surprisingly, with all this determination, I didn’t go at life like a bull in a china shop, nor did I feel any heightened stress or anxiety in the urgent quest to reach fulfilment, achievement and inner peace – I simply found myself smiling, slowing down, letting go completely of the non-urgent or the unnecessary, giving out positivity, being tuned in to recognising and receiving positivity, and being conscious of picking up good vibes.

Everything in life is a choice, so to start the ball rolling, I made some conscious choices to reach out to a few people and reignite those work ideas that were put on the shelf some time ago. Worth a shot, eh!

It paid off. I was blown away with the reception and enthusiasm I received from these fabulously intelligent and influential business ladies (you know who you are!). It was genuinely humbling (if not somewhat astonishing) to feel the joy and excitement from them about re-establishing our connection again.

This makes me all warm and fuzzy inside, because for anyone who knows me….I’m all about the connections!!

Doors were beginning to open again with work, and windows of opportunities in my personal life were presenting themselves. The positive vibes were starting to show through.

But the universe can also come to play in some mysterious ways….

I don’t even know where to start.

One by one, there were certain ‘happenings’. Certain opportunities, coincidences, meetings, chances, and those BIG signs – you know the ones that just scream at you, and only you know the hidden personal meaning behind them. A certain quote, a certain phrase, a certain place, a certain song, a certain person. You know what I’m talking about. Those tingle down the spine type of ‘signs’. Well, they just kept on coming!!

Sometimes you get one. Sometimes you get a few if you’re lucky. But they pass. And you smile and take note as a nice reminder to appreciate things more in the future.

But over the last couple of weeks, the signs from the universe have just kept on coming. And coming. And coming. To the point where the ‘shock’ and ‘getting spooked out now’ feelings came and went, and I simply had no other choice but to just ride the wave….

There is a certain floating feeling that happens when life deals you this kind of card. It’s very surreal. A very pleasant, euphoric experience, that is effortless and calming.

So, I find myself contemplating a sort of chicken and egg scenario.

When we are ready to see the opportunities, do they then become clear, despite always being there. Or, do we need all our ducks in a row before the positive opportunities can unfold without interference.

Regardless. I’m not going to jinx it by overthinking it, and I will happily keep on smiling and accepting the kind gifts that the universe is sending my direction.

And as if to prove a point, just as I was about to release this blog, the familiar ping of incoming mail greeted me with the amazing news that Tribal Fitness has been announced as a finalist in the upcoming Bangor Business Awards. (I told you, they just keep on coming!). Recognition in Bangor – I mean it couldn’t be better. My home town. Where Tribal was born. Where I was born. Where my heart lies. Pretty good round up to the week if you ask me.

This blog is crying out for a denouement, of my thoughts and emotions about my brush with serendipitous moments, but alas, no. There’s too much emotion to allow that. I’m feeling humbled, overjoyed to the point of numbness, experiencing inner calmness, but also excitement of the fun and happiness that lies ahead.

But I’m just going with it, I don’t need to ‘box’ it, because for now I feel content and positive, and we should all take that when we can.

Serendipity. Fate. Fortune. Chance.

Call it whatever you like, but I’m winning at life (this week!).

Head Chief Nikki xx