Chief Nikki’s Transformation – Part 7

On the road to change, when do you know you’re winning? When do you know you’ve really cracked it?

A few weeks ago, I embarked on my own transformation journey after a long period of inactivity and sloppy living due to ill health and crazy life happenings; but along that new journey how do you know a blip is just a blip, and not actually ‘failure’ and another false start?

I have recently had meals out, wine nights with friends, family parties along with the normal busy life/work pattern. On each of those occasions I will admit that I was worried. I asked myself if this was when I would fall off the wagon again. However, I had a quiet inner acceptance that I knew I could enjoy those occasions, really relax and enjoy them, because I just KNEW that I was still in control. We can’t be perfect all the time. A blip is just that, a blip, so I wasn’t going to beat myself up about it. I still felt in control. Why? Because I had desire and passion to keep moving forward, to keep getting stronger, to keep feeling healthier with fresh real foods, and to keep reducing that unhealthy excess body fat.

I felt comfortable with letting my nutrition slip on a few days, because overall I felt in control, but then for a while, that odd occasion soon turned in to regular occasions, as it sometimes does in life – people will still have birthday parties and there will still be social gatherings which can’t (or shouldn’t!) be avoided. Regular parties still aren’t a huge problem cause they’re not the end of the world, and the busy social period will always pass, but my frequency of training then dropped too, and this is when the warning sings started to creep in. I was no longer feeling in control, and the new healthy habits started to drift away again. However, I recognised it! And this is the difference. I recognised the potential of falling off that wagon, and I stopped it from happening.

What I have learnt about myself is that during those inevitable blips, I have to ensure that I have at least nutrition or exercise under control. I can’t let both slip at the same time, or the old habits start to raise their ugly heads again. So my key to continued success is ironically going back to my basic starting point – just DO SOMETHING!

So to ensure this happens I have created a very quick and simple exercise routine to do every morning. I choose to do it in the morning because if I put it off, I often won’t do it at all – so I am taking positive steps towards removing barriers for myself. Even the smallest of steps and tweaks are positive progress!

10 squats
10 press ups
10 crunches
10 burpees

It may not seem like much but it not only adds up with the gradual physical benefits but more importantly it makes sure that mentally I am still focused on improving my body, and that my mind-set is still committed to new habits.

The road to a healthy lifestyle won’t be a smooth one. There will be bumps and twists and turns along the way, but we need to ask ourselves if we are still taking steps in the right direction instead of slipping backwards. And if so, then I believe if we still have this sense of control, then we will get there – eventually! Better late than never!