What a day, eh! Don’t worry, I don’t want to go all political on you, but on this monumental day, I feel I need to share a little side-thought with you all.

It’s been a day of emotions. A mixed bag throughout the world, the UK, our wee country and no doubt within our own Tribal Community. Shock, excitement, upset, worry, relief, unease, fear, hope. No matter what your political stance, we are all facing changes, so hold on the latter. Remember my motto in life? “Nothing is permanent, everything is temporary and this too shall pass”.

And with that ringing in my ears I was pleasantly surprised to be reminded that exactly this week last year, my own mini Tribe Member set herself an amazing challenge…..to help others!

I suppose this reminder came at a good time. It not only distracted me from the intense political debates surrounding my every move which was kicking up a variety of emotions, but it forced me to go through memories of positivity and success. However I also realised, or should I say remembered, that the lessons we can learn from children, can be applied time and time again. The lesson for me here, was that of helping others. With no personal gain, agenda or corruption. From the Global issues, to the tiniest of daily gestures, helping others, in my opinion, should be the root of every choice and action we take. Of course this may appear a pipe dream to many, but we become a product of our environment, so we should surely not only choose our environment wisely, but also display behaviour and attitudes of the kind of environment we want to live in. “Be the change you want to see in the world”.

So if you have 4 minutes, can I suggest that you sit back with me and watch this short clip. For me it’s not just about the physical challenge, it goes far beyond that. Watching this a year on, makes me really appreciate what is important in life, it helps me re-establish my priorities and it helps me remember what things I find pure joy in. It helps me to take time out, and regroup my thoughts.

I find it incredibly uplifting, moving and positive, but also calming. I find it also gives me strength and confidence. It gives me hope. And on a monumental day such as this, regardless of your viewpoint, we all face the same path going forward – one full of uncertainly and changes ahead (good or bad), so perhaps hope is needed today.

These qualities ring true within our Tribal Community – a wide group of ladies supporting each other and providing hope. Helping each other. Being kind to each other. Celebrating successes and providing encouragement through challenging times. That’s what’s important day to day isn’t it? We mustn’t lose sight of that! So no matter what the bigger, more scary and uncertain environment has in store for us, we should surely start with keeping our close and immediate environment as positive and as kind as possible. I certainly needed this reminder today. Perhaps you do too? ‪#‎emotionoverload‬ ‪#‎hope‬ ‪#‎control‬ ‪#‎chooseyourenvironment‬ ‪#‎childrenleadtheway‬ ‪#‎humanity‬ ‪#‎support‬ ‪#‎strongwomen‬

Chief Nikki xx