Yes, that is wine. And pizza.

And yes, I am back in to my healthy living routine.


Let me explain.

In a nutshell… I’m NOT ON A DIET!

I have made changes to my daily/weekly choices to ensure that I am back in to the swing of things and living my old, normal, overall balanced healthy lifestyle again.

That means I haven’t massively restricted my daily calorie intake to drastically drop body fat quickly, and it means that I also haven’t banned all junk.


Well because, I recognise that I will indeed in the future have wine and pizza again.

I will have cake again. I will have chips again. I will have beer, cheese, chocolate and dirty big bags of Doritos again!

Therefore, what is the point in banning myself from them now? At the very beginning of this ‘healthy living’ malarkey? Because in a few weeks I know I will eat at least one of these again. And if I ban them all now, what will happen? Yup, I will just crave them more and more.

Two things happen with this.

Firstly if you massively restrict your calorie intake to quickly lose body fat, quite often you gain it all back again. Plus a bit more for luck.

Secondly, creating such cravings you run the risk of binging out, which is often followed quickly by giving up!

Why would you choose to do this to yourself?

So by thinking ahead about the type of LIFESTYLE I want to have, and one that I will ENJOY, and one that I will be able to realistically MAINTAIN, I simply start living like that NOW.

That’s it.

That’s my secret to happily gaining what you want. It takes time but it’s worth it. Patience.

I just make the shift from doing no or very little exercise to exercising what I can maintain for a long time going forward. I make the shift from eating crap processed food every day to eating real food. I shift from eating meals heavily based in pasta to meals including more veg. I shift from eating a hundred tonne of cheese every night to two crackers a couple of nights a week. And the shifts just continue…

So after making the shifts, I now eat meals heavy in veg and protein. I choose the large majority of my nutrition from REAL food. I drink lots of water. I exercise every other day, roughly! I drink wine now and again. I have the odd bit of junk food or takeaway meal.

For me that’s REALISTIC and I can MAINTAIN it.

Ask me to follow a DIET? No bloody chance. I’d give up, I’d ‘fail’ after the first week, when that strong passionate ignited motivation dies down.

But by MAKING CHOICES that are MY OWN and in line with MY LIFESTYLE, I won’t give up. I won’t fail.

In fact I am more motivated now than before I started. I have more energy, I’m feeling better and that waistline is starting to show signs of shrinking already!

So, it actually produces BETTER RESULTS than a STRICT DIET.

Plus I’m happier. And that’s all that really matters. Cause happiness is the driving force behind continuing a healthy lifestyle.

So we’ll have some more of that happiness stuff please!
I’m ordering it in by the bucket load.
Anyone else want some? 😉

Head Chief Nikki xx