Wow it’s a  windy one out there! Tie your hair back and don’t even consider trying to wear anything sticky on your lips!!But it’s not all bad. Not only is it mother nature showing us what she can do, but it’s an amazing natural resource that we can harness for all sorts of things!

So here is my list of 5 things to do on a rather blustery day:

1: Put homework on the back burner and build a kite with your little ones. It’s one night, will they remember you sitting doing homework with them or the day you say, “You know what, let’s just have fun today and build a kite!” As a teacher myself, I know homework has its place, but so does quality time with your parents/carers doing something memorable. Of course there are the added bonuses of fine and gross motor skill development, cutting and sticking, language development, yada yada…so it’s all good.  Card, string, straw, etc, all pretty inexpensive materials. Or…the easiest kite in the world, a plastic bag with the handles tied together with a long piece of string, but beware, they have a tendency to fly up pretty quick so tie it round your little one’s wrist! And have fun watching them dance through the sky!

2: Turn it in to a workout. After a good warm up, find which way the wind is coming from. Choose a manageable distance to a specific point, a bench or lamp post etc, run as hard as you can in to the wind to your point and walk or jog back to the starting point. Use the way back to recover your breathing so you are ready to go again as soon as you hit the start point. It is hard work but you will feeling amazing after! Try standing on one leg side on to the wind too, really good for testing your balance and switching on those stabilising muscles!

3: Have a bubble race. Everyone has a pot of bubbles and stands in a straight line. One the count of three, lift the wands above your head and see who’s bubble hits the finish line first!

4:Time for some relaxation. Wrap up nice and warm and find somewhere to walk or just sit. Find a spot of pure natural chaos and feel alive. Listen to the waves crashing, watch the trees bending to the wind, appreciate your surroundings and enjoy being right there at that exact moment!

5: Chase the leaves. This is so much fun. It will have you in stitches and you will work up a really good sweat! When we watch children playing, we take for granted how easy jumping , dodging, ducking and diving are. THEY REALLY ARENT! You will be up and down, stopping and starting, twisting and turning…get the picture



So don’t hide in doors, get out and enjoy.  It’s another day we are blessed to see, don’t waste it! 

P.s. It’s a good day to appreciate that we live in Northern Ireland. A windy day here, is nothing compared to a windy day in some parts of the World. Let’s try not to grumble 🙂