Health and Happiness
– The Kick Start Course

I’m very excited, to finally bring you, a course that I truly believe in. 

This is NOT a ‘transformation, a ‘diet’ or an intense ‘fitness bootcamp blast’.
The Tribal Fitness Health and Happiness ethos, is different. 

This 4 week course will introduce you to the methods of exercise, mindset, nutrition, goal setting, and happiness, that YOU CAN IMPLEMENT in to your own life. No more following fitness orders, no more out of control stress, no more dreaded diets, and no more aimlessly hoping for happiness.

You will be empowered to kick start your own journey to Health and Happiness.

Who is this course suitable for?

Women of all ages, fitness abilities, and mindset are welcome. Whether it’s the first time you’ve wanted to take control of your own Health and Happiness, or if you’re already comfortably on your journey and want a boost – everyone is welcome and will  no doubt take something positive away from the course.

The only essential thing asked of you is: You have to be ready to commit to improving your Health and Happiness, and engage in as many sessions as possible to maximise the benefits on offer to you.

What is the course structure?

Typically there will be some exercise sessions, and other sessions that combine group discussions/activities on Health and Happiness topics, as well as including an exercise slot.

An example of timescales would be:
Wednesday and Friday mornings for 4 weeks.

Wednesdays may be a 60 minute outdoor fitness session, with Fridays being a 90 minute indoor session, including discussions/activities on various topics, followed with an exercise class.

Exact timescales may vary between courses, due to locations and availability of venues etc,  so please contact me via or to confirm details if needed. Thank you. 

What is included in the course?

Small course size: A small group size, of females only, is guaranteed to ensure maximum time and attention can be paid to each participant, and allow more in depth and useful discussions. 

Exercise: Small group PT sessions that incorporate fat burning drills, muscle building circuits, fun games, postural and abdominal assessments, core strengthening and flexibility. An additional two workouts a week are also provided to complete at home. That’s a total of 15 workouts provided for you during the course. The theory behind effective exercise to achieve specific goals will also be discussed, empowering participants to choose the type of exercise most beneficial for them going forward.

Nutrition: Discussions and activities will take place around healthy eating, as well as sharing information and recipes. Participants will increase their knowledge to help them make more suitable food choices for their lifestyles.

Mindset: We touch upon a range of topics that will help with your overall Health and Happiness, such as relaxation, self care, passions, goal setting, breathing techniques , stress, and more.

Progress: We’re much more than just a bunch of numbers! However, some people like to see progress in black and white. Therefore, physical and emotional measurements will be available at the start and end of the course. 

Support: In addition to amazing group support at each session, there will also be constant online support and discussions via a private Facebook Group for the participants on the course. 

Goody Bag: A little bit of Health and Happiness to take home. Everyone likes to receive a pressie, don’t they! And the added bonus is that it can help boost your mental health too! A perfect way to Kick-Start your Health and Happiness journey.

1-2-1 Sessions

Some of our Tribal Chiefs offer 1-2-1 bootcamp sessions in the great outdoors.

So if training in a group isn’t for you, or you want more whip lashing to achieve your goals, or perhaps you just want some more ‘quality time’ with your Chief to master those moves, then 1-2-1 sessions may be the way forward!

Personal sessions can be great if you have an up-coming occasion, such as a wedding or holiday, as it will help you focus on personal goals over a period of time. Your Chief can design individually tailored sessions to help you achieve those goals, whatever they may be, ranging from fat loss, to improvements in core strength, to increased fitness, to muscle growth. If desired, body measurements can be taken prior to the first session and reviewed on an agreed time scale, to help assess your progress. Please note that the Tribal Chiefs, do not weigh clients! We don’t believe in scales as these often distract from the real progress you are making. (However, you are obviously welcome to keep a note of your weight at home!)

Personal sessions can also be great as a one off blast, packed full of your favourite Tribal Bootcamp drills, so feel free to give your Chief a call if you just fancy a good auld beasting!

All arrangements with regards to personal sessions, are done directly with your chosen Chief, so please get in touch with them for details on available time slots, locations, prices and gift vouchers for loved ones.

Private Bookings

The Tribal Chiefs are available to hire for private bootcamps. All Tribal Bootcamp products, both indoors and outdoors, are available for bespoke groups. Length of the course/booking, session content, locations and pricing can all be arranged to suit your needs.

Private bookings have received excellent feedback from a variety of clients, including local councils, workplaces, Bridal parties, Sure Starts as well as small and large groups of friends!

If you find it hard to attend a timetabled bootcamp, or if you want to get your workforce working out on their lunch break, why not have a Tribal Bootcamp come to you!

Contact your local Chief to discuss details.

Bridal Bootcamps

First of all congratulations! You must be excited (or stressed) with all the wedding arrangements. With so much to think about and a hundred things to try and get done on time, why not leave the stress of fitting in to your dress to someone else?

If you’ve a wedding on the way, and you want all the females in the Bridal party to look and feel amazing on your big day, then why not book a Tribal Bridal Bootcamp Package?

Session content, duration, length, location and price can all be arranged to suit your needs, so the Bridal party could all undertake a Tribal Transformation together, just in time for the big day!

To discuss your needs, contact your local Tribal Chief.