It’s Northern Ireland and it’s often WET WET WET. Even our long awaited summer months are a wash out. Now, most people would hide indoors and watch from their window with a hot cup of tea and shake their head in disgust at the idea of even stepping outside, never mind training in it! But not our Tribe of girls! Or our amazing instructors for that matter!

It just shows you that when you find an exercise regime that is loads of fun, that has continued great support and that works for you all round, then a bit of rain won’t stop you achieving your goals!

I am overwhelmed by the level of commitment, determination and loyalty shown by our Tribe Members. Just look at all these happy drowned rat photos from just ONE evening of Tribal Bootcamps from our various locations! It’s incredibly inspirational to see how far you have progressed, as I know a few of you would never have willingly done a rainy workout, so this shows how much your mindset has also changed. You’ve broken down a big barrier to getting outdoors and enjoying experiences. Imagine what other opporunities you have opened up for yourself by embracing those torrential rainy workouts with Tribal?

Good on ya girls, and keep up the good work!
(And yes, of course, we’re all still crossing our fingers for a few hot days soon! Afterall, everything in moderation….)

Head Chief Nikki xx