Welcome to the new ‘TAKE TWO with Tribal’ series.

We all know, that nowadays, life is hectic for most of us, most of the time. It often goes at a faster pace than we’d like it to. We crave some escapism. We strive for valuable ‘me time’. We long for some moments of peace and calmness.

Many of us will take this a step further, and will try to schedule in some quality ‘down time’. However, many of us will then find ourselves re-scheduling, and re-scheduling, again and again. Guilty? I certainly am.

Sometimes, the days, weeks, months (and even years!) fly by while always setting to one side that coveted time for inner peace and mindfulness. Tomorrow. We’ll do it tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes, does it?

It can be hard. Very hard. Prioritising moments of calmness doesn’t necessarily come easy to us nowadays. The busyness of life infiltrates most of our attempts. Our heads are whizzing with To Do Lists, anxieties, and general feelings of turmoil and unease. It can be difficult to dedicate chunks of time to physically remove yourself from your crazy environment to allow time for real peace to soak through you. And sometimes, we actually find ourselves feeling guilty for taking this time out – We’ve do much to do! And that’s exactly why we need to.

But for whatever reason, many of us don’t, or can’t, dedicate time to let go of worries. To disintegrate anxieties. To physically let our tensed up bodies relax. To let our overactive minds become still. And it is for these reasons that I am bringing the opportunity to you directly.

Accepting the fact that you aren’t, or can’t, take regular mindfulness classes, or weekly yoga sessions, or even just go for a walk without your head still telling you the list of things you still haven’t done that day. If you can’t dedicate time every day, or even every week, to truly let your body and mind unwind, then accept the fact that you can dedicate 2 minutes to do so. Everyone has 2 minutes to spare. Even the most busy of us. Everyone can dedicate 2 minutes to help switch our brains and bodies towards calmness and away from stress and the ever-growing feeling of impatience and urgency to get things done.

I will be bringing you short video clips, around 2 minutes in length, from a variety of amazing natural environments in Ireland, that enable you to truly switch off and engage in calmness. Some may have soothing music, and some may have just the raw natural sounds of that environment – sounds from that moment in time, where everything slows down. It is important that you dedicate these couple of minutes to purely letting yourself be ‘in that moment’. You need to really allow yourself to focus on the environment. To listen to the natural surroundings. To imagine how it smells. To really look beyond the sights taken for granted as you whizz by during every day life. To think about the amazing beauty. To appreciate the wonderfulness of it all. To be thankful, and to feel incredibly grateful to be able to experience such moments. To allow yourself to be grounded and notice all the amazing little things, that we often overlook. You may have never been to these places before, but no doubt you may be very familiar with a few. Nonetheless, the principles are the same.

So, most importantly of all – while you watch the ‘Take Two’ videos, you owe it to yourself to do so while NOT engaging in any other task. Do not do it while watching TV out of the corner of your eye. Do not skim through it while reading something else, or talking to your kids, or cooking the dinner, or picking up toys and clothes, or even listening to the radio in the car while you wait in a car park.

When you watch the ‘Take Two’ videos, do just that. Take TWO MINUTES to yourself. Turn off all other distractions, and remove yourself from any other forms of temptation. You owe it to yourself to give yourself TWO MINUTES to allow your mind and body to embrace a calming environment and induce a feeling of relaxation.

You may say, ‘it’s only TWO MINUTES’, but those couple of minutes can be extremely valuable, if you have the right mind set.

The first video I am sharing with you is a very simple video of clips from a walk I had around my local park in Bangor. It’s very simple, not edited, nothing fancy. And it’s longer than 2 minutes! This is for a purpose. At first glance you may think ‘nothing special here’, however – keep watching. You may get to a few seconds, or even a minute in, and think ‘I’m bored’, or ‘hurry up’, wishing for something to happen, wanting to turn off. BUT, isn’t that the point? Isn’t that a clue? We are so programmed and desperate to be ‘entertained’ all the time, and to be entertained quickly! Haven’t we become impatient and anxious if things just don’t happen quickly enough for us, or if they don’t instantly excite us or entertain us? We click off, we look away, rushing to the next thing to get that ‘hit’. Surely then, it’s more important than ever, that within a lifestyle where we spend days, weeks, and months in this heightened state, that we dedicate and FORCE ourselves to be still for 2 minutes. To put all our worries and anxieties and list of things to do, on a shelf, just for two minutes. They will all still be there after the video is over. Then you can choose to pick them back up again if you wish.

I hope you value your body and mind as much I do, to allow yourself to ‘switch off’ from the crazy hustle and bustle for a few minutes, and ‘switch on’ to calmness, relaxation, mindfulness, appreciation, health and happiness.
This may take you a while to accept and to conquer. It may take you a while to truly disengage your brain from your current environment to allow yourself to really be present in those 2 minutes, but are you willing to allow yourself to persist with the journey of Taking Two with Tribal?

So remember, if you are going to hit ‘play’ on this video, first remove yourself from the TV, from the other people in your house, from any other form of distraction, and go to a peaceful silent place for a few minutes. If you can’t do that right now, then simply hit the ‘like’ button, save it, and come back to it again when you CAN dedicate TWO MINUTES.

But, just be mindful of how many times you put off ‘Taking Two’….. Will tomorrow ever come?

I look forward to bringing you an array of beautiful environments from around the country, and collating them on our website for you, so you can lose yourself in them again and again whenever you feel you want, or need, to ‘Take Two’.

Stay happy & healthy.
Head Chief Nikki xx