Chief Nikki’s Transformation – Part Two

And so it begins……

Where on earth do you start when undertaking a transformation of this size?

Nutrition? Exercise? Attitude? Preparation? Mindfulness? Goalsetting? Environment?

The answer to that will be different for everyone. However, all of those aspects will need attention, but the order in which you address them will have to suit around your lifestyle and your personality.

I find that some people like to choose one or two of these to focus on for a while first, to give themselves a gentle kick-start, while other people throw themselves in at the deep end and just go for it all at once! I’m more the former rather than the latter. I need to ease in to things for a bit.

Therefore, rather than taking too much time sitting down and planning my schedule, and my routines, and my workouts, and my meals etc, this time I have chosen to focus on simply getting started with very small bits of exercise, and just getting up off my butt and doing something!

There have been no big training programmes designed, or blocked out times in the diary for working out. There hasn’t even been any goal setting done so far. To be honest, I feel like that is all a bit premature because my goal at the minute is so very broad and achievable – my goal at the minute is just to DO SOMETHING!

I just need to break the cycle and take a few easy steps back towards that healthy lifestyle again. I’m aiming just to crawl, never mind walk, before I can run again!

Have I found it hard? Damn right! That very first time I focussed on ‘working out’ my heart sank, I dreaded the effort that lay before me and the inevitable feeling of ‘oh my gosh I am so unfit’ that would come.


Therefore my first encounter with exercise was a decision to do a very gentle 5 or 10 minutes in the back garden. That was it. As simple and as understated as that. In my head I quickly decided I was going to try and complete a very easy routine of:

10 step ups with the right leg
10 step ups with the left leg
10 squats

And repeat this at least 5 times or keep going until I completed 10 minutes – whichever came first.

I started, and my mind wasn’t switched on at all. My body was heavy, awkward to control, and nothing seemed easy about simply stepping up and down on a low step. It didn’t feel like me at all. And then those thoughts starting whizzing around my head of how I used to be able to jump up and down on steps freely for long periods of time with heavy sandbags in tow. I sighed and tried to put those negative thoughts to the back of my mind and concentrate on JUST 5 MINS! And then something happened, which changed everything!

My daughter came bouncing out of the door with a huge smile on her face, rolled her sleeves up and exclaimed ‘Oh great! Exercises! Can I help’?

My heart lifted. She still had a fire in her belly to take part in physical activity/play when the opportunity presented itself, which switched my mind-set quickly back in to the ‘positive role modelling’ channel, which as you know is my main driving force for this whole transformation. So now, I kinda had to complete my allotted ten minutes, now with a smile on my face and much more enthusiastically than I had started!

But surprisingly something else unexpected happened. Her enthusiasm to take part and then to switch over to become my ‘trainer’ brought a whole new angle and dynamic to the workout. She gave instructions, demonstrated different exercises she wanted me to do next, she took control of the timer and constantly shouted words of support such as ‘go on mum, you’re doing great, keep going’, as well as the odd pat on the shoulder and slap on the back of approval and support. This not only amazed me (and made me laugh somewhat if I’m honest), but it truly did encourage me, and I not only completed my ten minutes with more oomph than I thought I had in me, but I continued on to do a gentle whole body workout, with my trainer in tow.

This is absolute proof that having some form of support and motivation can be so very important at crucial times in your journey. We should not underestimate that. So seek it out, even if the source is from a six year old, and for only ten minutes…. It can be invaluable.

Chief Nikki xx