I love to run. It gives a feeling of freedom, a sense of achievement and can vastly improve your cardiovascular endurance whilst taking in the fresh air and having amazing views. What’s not to love?!

Running, at any level, can throw up challenges. Imbalances in muscles may cause knee or hip pain, a weak upper body will tire quickly meaning your form will suffer and an un-strengthened core can cause back pain and all sorts of issues down the posterior chain. We don’t want any of these to happen and aim to run or learn to run, injury free.

This is why I decided to run ‘On the Move’ bootcamps.

So, ‘On the Move’ Bootcamp…what’s that all about? What makes it different? What is the point? Can I do it, or is it just for runners?  Lot’s of questions, so here are the answers.













So, how does it work?

Simple, it’s a 1 hr session where we cover approx 5k in distance, stopping for mini running specific workouts en route. The actual distance you cover will depend on which options you take for your workouts and what level you are working at. As we travel along, those wishing to be pushed will be provided with additional options to challenge them, and those wishing to cover the distance for the first time stay with the main body of the group. No one gets left behind and there is no pressure to keep up. You don’t have to be a ‘runner’ to start.

Hear from our Lorna who has now attended several of these bootcamps.


How long have you been running for?
I am not a runner!  I have been going to Tribal Fitness since about Sept ’16 and went to the first ‘On the Move’ boot camp before Christmas
What the furthest distance you have run?
Before the boot camp, not very far at all.
What made you decide to try the boot camp?
I was keen to do more running and had promised myself that I would do the park run some day – but kept putting it off!  I wasn’t sure that I could run as far as 5k but Susan assured me that I could as it wouldn’t be a straight 5k run, as there would be lots of stops along the way for other workouts.
Did the boot camp challenge you and how?
I had thought that at my age (52!) I was too old to start doing something like this but I have done 2 now and enjoyed them – and am looking forward to the next one!
Did you ever feel like you couldn’t do it?
No.  Susan is very good at challenging everyone at their own pace, making sure everyone is keeping up and motivating everyone.  She also gives extra workouts along the way to those who are more experienced runners.
Also the Tribal Fitness ladies are all so friendly and supportive – and there are lots of laughs (and groans) along the way!
What did you achieve from doing it?
I had been intending to do the park run for about 2 years but kept putting it off.  The boot camp gave me the confidence that I could run 5k and I completed my first park run last Saturday.
Would you come to another one?
Yes definitely. I look forward to them (I know I’m mad!)
Who would you recommend it to?
Anyone is looking for a fun way to get a bit fitter or do some running – with lots of laughs along the way!  It’s great to be out getting some exercise in the park or at the beach.  Susan is great at pushing you to do a bit more – but in a way that’s different and fun – and the other ladies are very welcoming and supportive.
Lorna Parsons

Suitable for beginner runners? Check!

What about those of you who can run 10k but want to get stronger? Meet Caralyn!


1: How long have you been running? Roughly 4 years since my youngest was born and I finished maternity leave.

2: What is your distance? I stick with 5 & 10k runs.
3: What made you decide to try the bootcamp. Several reasons: I wanted to improve my running speed and distance, increased strength, meeting friends and likeminded people without feeling the pressure of a gym. I loved the fact it’s outside all year round as well.
4: Did the bootcamp challenge you and how? Yes it did and it still does!! It shows how far I can push myself in so many ways, even when you think you have nailed an exercise, Chief Susan can show you a way to make it harder again and work different muscle groups each time.
5: Did you ever feel like you couldn’t do it? No – I’ve always believed I could do it and the Chief also makes you believe you can do it as well! The different levels are there meaning if I am injured or just not feeling 100% I can still go and get a really good work out, fresh air and see my friends. I always feel better for doing boot camp.
6: What did you achieve from doing it? My 5 and 10k’s have got faster, I am stronger, I have been able to run further than 10k as well with bootcamp friends which I never thought I would be able to. I get a great sense of achievement when I do something different/faster/harder than before.
7: would you come to another one? Absolutely – they are a regular part of my hectic life now!
8: Who would you recommend the bootcamp to? Anyone that has a general interest in fitness – whether that is toning up a bit before an event, a runner looking to improve distance or time, someone looking for some friendship and motivation to work out or just someone looking to start out on a fitness journey. The tribal fitness girls are so welcoming, friendly, reassuring and encouraging, you can’t help but want to come back. 😊
Caralyn Scales

Fantastic! And those wishing to put their distances up and beyond, can we cater for you….meet Lucy! (one in the middle!)

1: How long have you been running? I’ve been running for about 4 years now
2: What is your distance? Currently I run half marathon distance, I’m not particularly fast, but I run it, and enjoy the challenge.
3: What made you decide to try the bootcamp? The running Bootcamp sounded right up my alley, I love running and the idea of running round in a group, and mixing it up with a work out sounded fab to me. Plus it would give me guidance around what exercises work with running, to help my running.
4: Did the bootcamp challenge you and how? Susan is great when she runs a Bootcamp, she tailors it to the individual. She knows that when it comes to running, I like a nudge to work harder, or should that be, I NEED a nudge. The bits that challenged me most were sprints/hill sprints, mainly because I don’t do them on my own. For all the long runs I do, I’m still learning, and all I really do is go out and run. The sprints mixed things up for me and made me work that bit harder.
5: Did you ever feel like you couldn’t do it? Nope. It was a great blend of running mixed with body weight exercise, so you weren’t constantly running, there were little breathers in between.
6: What did you achieve from doing it? I realised how, when I push myself, I can go that little bit faster, and I got a well rounded exercise session.
7: would you come to another one? Definitely!!
8: Who would you recommend the bootcamp to? Anyone who can run a little bit really! The bootcamp covers 5k (amazingly, Susan nails the distance bang on!) but in sections, so even if you haven’t run 5k all in one go, or particularly fast, I think you would still be OK! And then as the distances go up, you can only gain from going. Whether it’s to strengthen to increase distance to 10k or half marathon, the session would help. I’m aiming for full marathon distance this year, and I’ll be making the running bootcamp a regular part of my training.

Lucy Reid

Q: Who can attend? A: Anyone with a basic level of fitness.

Q: What do I need to bring? A: Water in a carry bottle. Hi-vis if it is a night session. Gloves .

Q: Is this a coached run? A: No. It is an urban bootcamp  run by a qualified fitness instructor, with the emphasis on strengthening the muscles required for running. There is no coaching on form or running programmes for specific distances. There are no sign ups or group fees required.

Q: When does it happen? A: The first Saturday of every month 9am, meeting on Ballyholme Green or as pop up sessions mid week.

Q: How can I find out about pop ups? A: Keep your eye on the Bangor facebook page https://www.facebook.com/TribalFitnessBangor or get yourself added to the email list.

Q: How much does it cost? A: £6

Q: How hard is it? A: As hard as you want it to be. You really get out what you can put in.


So there you have it, ‘On the Move’ is here to stay. To be added to the list or ask further questions you can email me susan@tribalfitnessbootcamps.co.uk

Hope to see you there soon!