Ohhhhhh it’s good to be back!

20140204_124553After weeks (months!) of putting off and dreading getting back in to a healthy lifestyle – I’ve finally embarked on it, and it isn’t all that bad, ha ha (surprise surprise!). As usual, the thought of the effort is much worse than the actual reality of making those necessary changes.

So with a month long lung infection nearly kicked to touch, I have managed to get back in to the swing of training again, thank goodness. Over the last week or so, I have stimulated all my muscle groups again, and trained quite regularly, but with moderate intensity to begin with. Saying that, I have been able to increase my weights already and I’m starting to feel stronger.

Within just one week I can feel a change in muscle size and I’m definitely more aware of my posture. This is often the point where most people can get depressed about it all, because you have been putting in lots of effort, perhaps for a few weeks, and you aren’t actually seeing any results. So you think it’s not working and it’s all not worth it. But it is so vitally important to keep going, because in the initial weeks you are building muscle and training your body. It takes time for it to catch up and make the improvements so you can actually see and feel the results. So I know I have to keep going for a few weeks before the body fat starts stripping off and keep building more muscle so that it starts to show through.

Next week, I’m ready to start seriously training again. My body is ready. So it’s time for the heavy weights to come out and little red book to make a return. I plan out every session for the week again and make a note of the exact exercises I complete with the weights, sets and reps for each. That way I am focused on what I need to achieve, inside of just faffing about for an hour and wasting my time! My life is far too busy to be wasting my time when I’m training. I will also be able to keep track of the increase in weights I will make over the next few weeks, which is a great indicator of how much stronger and fitter I will be. I also aim to complete one cardio HIIT session, which will involve sprint sets. I will sprint as fast and as hard as I can for 1 minute, rest for 1 minute, and repeat this 6 or 10 times, depending on how I am feeling.

I’m excited about my fitness regime, however the main thing I need to address this week, is nutrition. Now that I am training again, I feel it a complete waste of opportunity when I train hard and then shove a bad combination of food down my throat which won’t maximise my goals. Therefore, I am cooking up batches of meals and freezing them. I am setting out my daily nutrition goals, including my macronutrient split of carbohydrates, fats and protein for each day, depending on what my activity level will be. I won’t be doing this as rigidly as I have done in the past, as I know my life commitments at the minute would make that incredibly difficult for me to stick to. So I’m not even going to start out with putting myself under that pressure, because I know with that will come feelings of failure, despair and guilt. So I’m going to try and maintain it for 80% of the time. Of course, that means my results will come slower, but at least doing it this way, in a way that I can manage better, will mean that they will still come. And overall that’s the most important thing to remember and aim for. Better late than never!