It’s funny how you can be depressed and excited at the same time. I was looking through my wardrobe the other day, (I was actually searching for those ‘fat clothes’, for want of a better phrase – I’m sure we all have them!) and I saw so many gorgeous summer clothes that I’ve hardly worn. And as usual some are from years ago and still have the labels on. I instantly decided that THIS year I’m actually going to get use out of them. So my summer training starts NOW, because come June, it’ll be too late to start thinking about donning those hot pants. It takes time to create the ‘bikini body’, so this year I’m not leaving it too late.

I’ve taken my starting measurements, I know what I need to change in my nutritional plan and have scheduled in my weekly workouts. I am ready to go!

I will not be weighing myself. I never weigh myself. I don’t care what the number on the scales says. It gives me no indication if my muscle tone is good, if I have a layer of fat covering my abs, if I feel fit and healthy or if I have good levels of concentration and feel full of energy every day! I have taken body measurements and photographs, and this is primarily what I will be using to assess my progress.

With regards to my nutrition, I will be making a few changes. Nothing major and most quite obvious, but they will definitely give results.  The key to changing nutritional plans, is sticking with the changes. Most people know they need to eat less junk food, but actually sticking to it is the hard bit! Generally I will be eating less pasta, rice, bread and cheese as I’m currently piling in a lot of calorie dense food. And have been for a while now! Instead I’ll be introducing a LOT more green veg again as my main carbohydrate source. This is great because I get to eat a lot more food and still lose body fat, because the calorie count is so low compared to the pasta and bread based meals that I have recently been having. I will also be packing in a lot of protein to help with my exercise regime as my primary aim is to build muscle, and without ample protein this just isn’t going to happen effectively, no matter how much time I spend in the gym!  Nutrition and exercise really do go hand in hand.

My exercise regime will mainly consist of lifting weights. This will be a mixture of body weight exercises in the great outdoors, as well as a few resistance machines in the gym, but mainly free weights. And I will lift heavy. I have no fear of becoming like Arnie, because that is simply a myth. For effective fat loss for females, I would always recommend weight lifting over cardio any day! That said, I will do some cardio, maybe a 20 minute session once a week, in the form of HIIT (high intensity interval training) for a fat burning boost. I’ll also throw in the odd gentle run, particularly at the start to help me get motivated, and near the end because I enjoy feeling the huge improvements in strength and endurance after training for a while. Jogs along the coastline are also nice for pure pleasure, as well as on active rest days for when I need time to let my body recover and do my mobility and stretching routine. And of course it’s always a great way to chill the head!

I’m very excited. I know what my goals are. I have a clear picture in my head. I have the passion to do it. And I know I can achieve it.

I’m looking forward to seeing the transformations I can make to my own body. I feel in control.

So when I finally reach my goals in June, and I finally set my summer clothes free from the moth balls, all I will need is for the sun to appear. I suppose there are some things you just can’t be in control of!