It’s almost the end of January! Where the flip did that go?!

To some extent January has flown by, but, if you’ve been dieting or trying to stick to new fitness goals, it might have felt like a drag. Hands up, how many of you have had a sneaky Galaxy or didn’t go out for that run because it was too cold or watched the second part of Coronation Street instead of doing a 20 minute work-out in the spare room? If your hand is in the air right now, don’t panic, you’re not alone.

Sometimes, real life gets in the way – the kids don’t sleep, you get a great invite, or Corrie can sometimes be too great to pull yourself away – so don’t worry. Just don’t disregard all your goals because you have a bad week. Head back to the fridge, don’t open it, but read the goals you put on the door four weeks ago. You can still achieve these goals.

Plan what steps you need to take to achieve these. Write them down. If you planned to exercise four times a week but you’re only managing two, that’s fine. Two is the new four! But can you fit anything else in? Could you do a Bootcamp Bitesize while everyone else is out? Can you walk somewhere instead of drive?

However you do it, keep looking at your short, medium and long term goals and make a weekly plan to help find the steps to achieve them. It also helps to have someone to support you, so put your goals back on the fridge where someone can see them, or post them on Facebook and let the tribe help you out. Do whatever works for you to keep your motivation up – just don’t give up!