Life is one big adventure. But it’s important to be prepared to ensure you have an enjoyable experience – and not a life-threatening one.

At Tribal Fitness, we get great joy in exploring mountain ranges, but if you’re new to hill walking you will want to be fully prepared before heading off in to the wilderness to enjoy the great outdoors.

One of the most important things to consider is your clothing choices. You may wake up in the morning and look out your window at the lovely sunny day ahead of you, but things can be very different on the hill. And can change very quickly once you’re up there, which means you could get in to serious trouble. You may feel like you’re bringing too much, but it’s essential that you are prepared.

For an enjoyable and safe day out on the hills it’s vital we get our layering system right.

Base Layer
Arguably the most important. A good thermal under layer will keep the body heat in and help prevent the onset of hyperthermia. This can include an undershirt/t-shirt, long johns and hiking socks.

Mid/Insulating Layer
This layer is important to add to the insulating properties of the base layer and aid in keeping the cold air from stripping away body heat. The cold wind can be howling down the hill towards you so you want to ensure you are kept warm! This can include a light jacket, long trousers, a hat, and thin but warm gloves.

Outer layer
A waterproof /windproof layer, consisting of a jacket and over-trousers, (perhaps gaiters for extreme weather), and thick gloves, is essential for wet and very cold/windy weather. Investing in light, breathable, good quality waterproofs is a smart move. Stick them on your Christmas list!

You must look after your feet. Good footwear is the key to an enjoyable day – no matter what the weather! After all, you are taking step after step after step across the terrain. Your footwear will take you to your destination. Or prevent you from doing so. A good 3-season boot will offer great support and protection for the foot and ankle when hiking over rough terrain and will be a terrific investment if you intend to explore more of our natural world. A top tip is to ensure that your boots are well worn in before committing to your first adventure….or at least invest in a lot of blister plasters to join you on your trip!

Adventures are limitless. Life’s too short, so make them all enjoyable by being prepared and ensure you have kit for all eventualities. After all, you’re better looking at it, than looking for it!