You know when you slog your guts out for hours and hours on end on a project, whether it’s cleaning the house, painting the kitchen or even building a house from scratch with your bare hands … and then someone walks up to you and says, ‘I think you missed a bit’. How annoying is that? Annoying and frustrating.

Well, imagine if you spend months or even years, training your body, making it a smooth slick machine and sculpting it into the chiselled Adonis you’ve always dreamed of, then someone walks up to you and says, ‘I think you missed a bit’. I feel your rage.

The point is, it is very important to ensure you train your whole body. Too often men fall into the trap of constantly building their upper body, spending hours and hours curling dumbbells and lying on the bench press. Don’t get me wrong, that’s great. They will no doubt have very strong arms and a Peter Andre chest, but what about the curvature of the upper back because they’ve neglected to train this area too. Or even worse, those chicken legs! I don’t know about the rest of you girls out there, but I definitely like big strong thighs on my fella. I don’t want him looking like a top heavy Hunchback of Notre Dame, who is carrying a large roll of carpet under each arm!

But it’s not just men, women fall into this trap too and possibly more frequently than men. Ladies are often found trying to reduce the size of their stomach by doing lots of crunches (which isn’t effective by the way, but we’ll cover that in another blog) and maybe doing the odd Legs, Bums and Tums class. But in addition to getting a great toned butt and washboard abs (we can but wish, eh ladies?) it is equally important to strengthen the upper body. I’m not talking Madonna arms, but paying some attention to your arms, shoulders and back will be worth it.

It is so easy to just focus on your ‘problem areas’ and forget about the rest of the body but both men and women need to ensure they train their whole body. Inside and out. This isn’t just so you look smokin’ hot, it’s about making sure the body functions well in everyday life, is well supported and provides you with optimal fat burning opportunity. If you just concentrate on one area and over train this, it could affect your overall movement and heighten your risk of injury, during daily tasks as well as in exercise settings. Your posture may change too – and for the worse. Which isn’t good considering most of us already have bad posture!

We all have that body area that we hate and really want to change and nothing will stop us from working on that, but don’t forget about those other muscles. You may not think those little arm muscles, those hidden core muscles or those back muscles are worthy of some attention, but trust me, they are. You’ll feel physically stronger and fitter for training them too.

So the next time you hit the gym, make sure you give your body the complete workout it deserves. Make friends with the forgotten muscles. They’re lonely. Show them some love.

Don’t miss a bit!