It was once thought that steady state cardio, such as jogging, was the most effective way to burn body fat. This is known as the ‘fat burning zone’ and you may have seen this on the treadmills and bikes in the gym. However an abundance of research now shows that this is NOT the optimum way to burn fat. The favourite method is now HIIT, which stands for high intensity interval training. This involves pushing yourself to a high effort level for a period of time, alternating with a period of low level intensity activity, repeated over a period of time. This kind of training provides an ‘afterburn’ effect, which has shown to provide fat burning activity in the body for around 24 hours after you’ve finished your workout!

And do you want the best news about this? Tribal Fitness Bootcamps are designed around HIIT drills, so you can rest assured that your Chief will be providing you with a session that will be maximising your cardio vascular fitness and fat burning opportunities!