I totally get it you know. There are days when we all look out the window, pull the duvet back over our heads and pretend to be asleep.  It’s dull, it’s grey and it’s windy outside, whereas it’s warm, it’s bright and it’s really cosy inside!

It’s such a mental battle at times, but, here are my top 12 reasons why SHOULD get yourself up and out. Save them or keep them in your head and use them as motivation for the next time it happens!

So, in no particular order, here we go…

  1. It’s windy! Easy! Tie your hair back and arm yourself with the knowledge that wind resistance will give you a few extra calories burnt off. Get out the door and keep telling yourself how much faster you are going to be the next time when the wind drops!
  2. It’s like a free facial right there. Sweat comes out through your pores and that lovely cold rain washes it right away! Bye bye last night’s make up you “forgot” to wash off, but without all the scrubbing!
  3. You get to feel totally hard core and smug when people say, “Oh I couldn’t go outside on a day like that…” Well hello, how badass does that totally make you then!!
  4. You also get to scare those nosey neighbours with your terrifying black and streaming eyes. They thought you were crazy before, now they know it and will give you a wide berth on bin day! (Ok that last one had nothing to do with exercise, but you may as well make use of that crazy face right? Ha ha!
  5. There are less people around to make you feel self conscious. You may find that this enables you to push yourself a bit harder without looking over your shoulder.
  6. Because you have set goals, you have set targets and you’ve worked your butt off to get there! You are NOT going to let a bit of weather get in your way, are you??
  7. Your shower, will feel like a million dollar spa afterwards! You will be smiling from head to toe when you step into that steamy goodness. Your only issue might be getting back out again afterwards!!
  8. To show any little eyes that may be watching, that we don’t give up that easily. To teach them that if it’s important you damn well fight for it.
  9. Vitamin D. Yes it’s still there. It may not be much compared to a sunny summer day, but soak every little bit up you can at every opportunity.
  10. Running or working out in crazy weather is hard. It totally is, no two ways about it, but, the more you have to fight for it, the greater the sense of achievement.
  11. Because it’s only weather. I know that sounds like I’m stating the obvious, but the weather isn’t what stops us heading out. At the end of the day, you have to have the will to want to do it, to make it happen….
  12. Because you can come home, have a shower, get your P.Js on and contentedly curl up looking out at the rain, knowing that you did it for yourself. As good old L’oreal say, “because you’re worth it!”


Now get out there and be totally badass!!