Yes ladies, it’s that time of year again. I know, I know, the summer isn’t quite over yet and the kids aren’t even back at school, and I’m mentioning the ‘C’ word already.

But the bottom line is, getting ready for that Christmas party frock takes time. And as much as we promise ourselves in November that we’re going to be ‘really good’ and never eat chocolate again and workout every single day and night (and through the night!), in reality we know we wont’ really. So we’re better planning it properly, taking our time, doing it right and getting the real results that we’re after!

So, use the  Countdown to Christmas  planner and schedule in the times you are going to workout. And STICK TO IT. If life happens and you miss a training session, then juggle things around and slot in 20 minutes somewhere else.

Top tips:
1: Train heavy and hard. Focus on building muscle by training three times a week, lifting weights that you can do around 10 repetitions with, for 2 or 3 sets. Have around 1-3 minutes rest between each set (depending on fitness level), to get an interval effect to target fat burning too. Or simply make sure you take the hard option that your Chief gives you at Tribal Bootcamps!

2: Limit cardio. Yep you read that right. If you are after fat loss and a toned look, then don’t waste time going for endless jogs and low level cardio. Your time is better spent building muscle, with short rest periods in between lifting. Do one cardio session a week, comprising of HIIT drills, for example, 6-10 sets of 30 secs sprints with up to a 2 mins rest in between each sprint. Ask your Chief for more ideas of HIIT drills for a good short and sharp cardio workout that will torch fat!

3: Eat LOTS: Of the right stuff of course. If you’re trying to burn fat and build muscle to achieve that super dooper fitness model body, then you need to pack in the calories to give yourself enough fuel to burn during your workout and eat enough protein to actually build the muscle you’re training for. You won’t look toned if you have no muscles to show off! So eat lots of foods containing protein, even more vegetables (green are best), limit sugar intake (that includes natural sugar like fruit!) and limit simple carbs such as pasta and instead eat foods like sweet potato and porridge to give you enough energy to fuel those workouts.

4: Drink lots of water: You need to keep hydrated for your body to work in harmony and get rid of all those toxins.

5: Enjoy it. If you aren’t enjoying your healthy living lifestyle, then change it! Include things that you DO enjoy, or try to help motivate yourself by sticking up pictures of the party frock you want to get in to, or the kind of body you’re aiming towards. My motivation is below! Or even better, get to Tribal Bootcamps and get support from fellow Tribe Members. Everything is easier with friends.

Good luck and I look forward to seeing all those happy and healthy bodies at our Christmas Tribal gathering!


That little dress that has been in the wardrobe for years. THIS year I'll get in to it!

That little dress that has been in the wardrobe for years. This year I’ll wear it!


I'll have a double dose of this muscle tone, thank you very much!

I’ll have a double dose of that muscle tone, thank you very much!


Washboard stomach please... (at least until Boxing Day!)

Washboard stomach please… (at least until Boxing Day!)