It’s that time of year again. The shops are filling up fast with Christmas treats and you’re starting to draft your letter to Santa. Personally, I’m not one of these people who are super organised for Christmas. In fact, I generally leave it all to the week before. However, with regards to making sure you get into that gorgeous party frock, you have to start thinking about that NOW. You don’t want to be leaving that pretty outfit hanging on your wardrobe door as you head out to enjoy all the festivities.

It is less than six weeks until Christmas, but I’m sure you will be having nights out with friends and attending the dreaded work’s Christmas dinner before then, so it could only be a matter of a few weeks until you want to look your best for all those photos. So, NOW is the time to start getting into shape.

Now, I’ve been asked a lot recently if Bootcamps are still on due to the darker and colder nights. The answer is absolutely YES! Although winter is coming, training outdoors is still the best option for a lot of ladies. The fresh air (and even rain!) is great to keep you alert and energised during your training session, and with the colder nights all you need to do is pop another layer on and grab some gloves and a hat. (And soon you’ll be able to look super stylish during your winter workouts too, as the new Tribal Fitness clothing range will be arriving very soon!)

In a friendly group such as the Tribe, you will have more support at regular sessions to help get you into shape for Christmas by providing a more focused workout to maximise your time. It’s also the perfect way to catch up with all the gossip, with no partners or children around! But, if you really are struggling to get to a Bootcamp in the run up to Christmas, due to work or family commitments, then at least try to do as much daily activity as possible in your own time. You now also have the Bootcamp Bitesize videos to help you out at home when you can’t make it to a session. So there is now no excuse for not looking your best at Christmas!!!   So get yourself moving and ensure that this goose does not get fat for Christmas!

Don’t be put off by the change of the clocks. Embrace it. Nature’s gym is still out there waiting for you.

Top reasons why it’s currently great to train outdoors

  1. The weather is refreshing and invigorating. You will feel energized (and remember, there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing!);
  2. Public spaces are used less, so you get a more private outdoor gym experience;
  3. Party season is fast approaching so you are extra motivated;
  4. Brilliant discounts are on offer for Bootcamps!