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Nights Out

Yes, yes, we know! We’re a fitness company and we shouldn’t be promoting nights out. BUT, we are REAL women, and we’re REALISTIC! C’mon, who doesn’t enjoy a good night out with friends? So, your Chiefs organise the odd night out...

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Coffee Mornings

You can’t beat a good auld cuppa and catch up, can ya? The Pramtastic Tribe can often be found heading in convoy to a local cafe after bootcamp, to grab a well earned cuppa (and most likely a slab of carrot cake too!). Having...

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Life as Chief Gillian

The first time I ever went to one of Nikki’s bootcamps i was hooked! I am generally a very fit and active person, forever in the gym, out running, on a bike…. never sitting still! Exercise keeps me sane! So when I saw that...

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